Loaded hours during the week aren’t abnormal, especially within the day and age of average workers. You go to sleep, wake up, breathe and eat work. However, having a long, stressful work week is detrimental to the body and mind, leaving you feeling like there’s nothing left of you by the time it’s over. These tips below will give you and even the best stock brokers insight about coping with stress in the workplace, and the more they are practiced, the more you’ll feel like you’re coming out on top at the end of the week.


First, breathe. You breathe when you sleep, when you wake up, run, walk, laugh—got the gist?—Although breathing is natural, it’s not every day we take a moment to breathe deeply. Check your breathing now. Is your jaw clenched, stomach not moving in and out, and is your heart still beating, but you’re holding your breath? Deeper breathing activates the body’s natural relaxation response, especially in stressful environments, which then changes the body’s emotional and physical response to stress. You can practice deep breathing anywhere and anytime throughout your day for 5-20 minutes.

Overworking Is Overrated

Our society tells us more is good, faster is better, loaded hours are trophy-worthy, and the more results we produce, the more successful we’ll be. What isn’t talked about is the benefits of slowing our pace, and how our perception of overworking is valuable, but that it actually hinders productivity. If you want to quit falling into the trap of this lifestyle, continue reading the tips below:

  1. Create boundaries that separate work and home
  2. Go to bed at an earlier time
  3. Wake up thirty minutes earlier and use this time to do some deep breathing, make some tea, and overall take your time in the mornings
  4. Leave the emails for the work-clock
  5. Say no—Realize that work can wait. Realize that work can’t work without you. So, take care of yourself.
  6. Reschedule meetings and time with family.

Don’t Focus on The Gallon

Do you go for the gallon of water, chug it, and end up fatigued? If so, you may not realize it’s easier to drink water throughout the day than to go for the bigger gallon all at once. In other words, take a step back, analyze your goal before setting out to do the finished product, and enjoy the steps of the process.

Favor The Minimal

More work isn’t always productive work, and being busy doesn’t always mean you’re getting things done efficiently. Now, understand that bringing minimalism into your workspace doesn’t imply having to dispose of everything you own, it means simplifying your space, and in return, this will allow your mind to do the same. When the mind isn’t cluttered, it will allow creativity to flow within your obligations.

Change Your Mindset

Lastly, be aware of your mindset during stressful times, as the mind is responsible for the outcome of all situations. The goal is to cope with stressful situations, not add to them.  Start by analyzing the negative thoughts that produce more stress for you, and when you do, think about how much further they’ve got you. Try reminding yourself that stress is a helpful tool and not a threat. This will allow both your mind and body to react to the week differently. By believing that stress will only enhance your productivity and the outcome of the week, you’ll end up taking your power back.