Coronavirus Disease, which we also know as COVID-19, has become the deadliest disease humans have witnessed in recent times. It is the only epidemic in the human history that has locked down the entire world. Although countries are now opening up, but there was a time when every country was locked down.

The lockdown has caused a global slowdown, because of which people are losing their jobs. In US alone, the rate of unemployment was above 15% in the mid of April 2020. In India, the second most populated place on the planet, unemployment has always been a concern. The rate of unemployment in India mounted to 27% in the month of May.

Corona is not just taking jobs, it is also taking lives. The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide is 11.6 million, and the lives this virulent virus has claimed so far is more than 500,000.

What Causes Stress Most –

We have not been able to develop vaccine or medication for this disease yet. The thought of getting coronavirus infection itself is stressful one. Although the global recovery rate of the coronavirus disease is more than 50%, thousands of people are dying on an everyday basis.

Negative thoughts like – fear of losing job, fear of losing business or clients, fear of losing loved ones, and having no food for self or family – are adding to the rising cases of depression and anxiety. Stress causes us to develop unhealthy habits.

Staying home all day; not being able to meet close friends, parents or kids; spending more time watching mobile or TV screen; and having no one to talk to; are some other reasons behind the stress during coronavirus outbreak.

Some people start smoking pipes, cigars, and other tobacco products. It helps relieve stress, they believe and feel, and that’s what many studies report.

Here’s how to deal with stress during coronavirus outbreak and lockdown –

Know that It Is Perfectly Normal –

Getting negative thoughts and feeling sad, stressed, scared, and furious are normal thoughts that we all go through in our everyday life. Especially in a crisis like corona outbreak, it is very very normal for anyone to feel that way. There is no point thinking over it too much.

But, if that feeling continues or comes quite often, you should speak to a friend or someone from your family. Talking to near and dear ones helps a lot in such cases. Tell them about what or how you feel. Share your ideas and listen to theirs. This works as a great stress buster at times.

And if you notice that someone in your friends or family is having a difficult time or shows symptoms of stress and depression, you should make the first move to speak to them. Not being to talk could be the reason of someone’s stress. Speak to them, and see what you can do to help them overcome stress.

Don’t Be Too Much Informed –

Staying informed with what is happening is smart. But staying too much informed could be a curse. Today, there are so many sources of information such as TV news, local news, newspaper, magazine, news apps, and social media. Of these, we spend a great amount of time on social networks.

And that’s where all the fake news and frustration originate. We get to know many new stories – true or false – on social media. Since we see those stories being shared or liked by our friends and family members, we show the tendency to blindly believe them.

The biggest advice: DO NOT believe whatever you see on social network. It is because a large number of posts and shares on social media are clickbait. They are just looking to divert traffic and make money. Such stories are created and shared to catch the attention of users, not to provide the right information.

Do not make social media your source of news and information. If you want to know what is actually happening, listen to the local, national, or international news on television or radio.

Keep Yourself Entertained –

People around the world have broken all time records of watching television and consuming online content. OTT viewing has doubled since coronavirus lockdown. An average user spends over 8 hours watching online content.

However, that should not be the only means of entertainment for us. Mobile phone use has a direct connection with stress, sleep disturbance, and depression.

Spending more time on television or smart phone puts us at risk other severe diseases related to eyes, backbone, and bones and joints, and heart, too.

So, stay away from your phone. If possible, allow notifications from only those apps that are useful or important.

Find other ways to entertain yourself. For example – reading, cooking, gardening, and playing with kids. You can also indulge in indoor games to support your physical and mental strength. Playing with pets also helps lower your stress.

Bottom Line –

The best way to deal with stress is to stay connected with your loved ones. They are the ones who love you unconditionally. Speaking to friends and family always makes us happy. If you are away from them, call them or have video call with them every day. You can also use social media stay connected with them.

Additionally, developing a healthy routine will help you deal with stress more effectively. This routine should necessarily include – eating healthy foods, your favorite hobby (excluding TV and mobile screens), exercising, plenty of physical activities, yoga, and meditation.

And if you are feeling stressed and there is no one to help, CALL 911.