Let’s be honest; most of us will take our health for granted until we are faced with the prospect of illness or hardship. When we live in a world full of fast food, TV, and cigarettes, it can be hard to turn away from these vices.

Whether you’re dealing with health issues or you want to maintain your fitness, using the law of attraction to bring you the results that you want will help you improve your health in no time. Using the law in the right way will allow you to develop a greater appreciation for life and food than you ever have before.

High Vibrational Food

You are what you eat – many of us know this and apply this logic to our lives. If we change our diet, we may see improvements in our overall vitality, but we might not be reaping all of the benefits.

So how is the law of attraction and food-related to health? Energy. It is everywhere and is the fabric of the visible and the invisible. Food is no exception. It has its own unique vibrational frequency depending on what you eat.

If you want to manifest perfect health, you have to tap into its energy. When you prepare your meals, feel the vibration emitting from the food and feel good about the nourishment you are about to receive. When you eat, savour every bite and imagine the high vibrational food entering your body and flooding every orifice of your body with abundance.

Source: HealthyEating

When you eat, you should feel everything that your food has to offer. Let it nourish you from the inside out and feel it curing and ailments within your body. From the moment that you start to celebrate your food, the healing has already begun.

Bless Your Water

Drinking liquids is a big part of maintaining a healthy body, however, it is important to understand the energy that it is imprinting in your body. Dr Emoto, one of the greatest pseudo-scientists of our time, conducted his famous water experiments that concluded that human consciousness can change the molecular structure of water.

He performed his controlled experiment by saying nasty words to one glass of water and positive statements. He then froze the water on slides and examined their crystallized form under a microscope. Amazingly, the positive words looked like beautiful snowflakes at a microscopic level, whereas the negative water took on an unattractive and ‘blob-like appearance.

Water has memory. You can take this approach and apply it to how you manifest better health. Start by filling a glass of water and focusing on it, then direct positive affirmations toward the water that represents how you want to heal and be the best physical health you can be. Then drink it!

This is a great exercise to do in the morning when you’re about to start your day. You could even bless a bottle of water and carry it around with you for a healthy top-up. However, be sure to keep it away from negative influences.

Visualize Your Ideal State

If you were at your optimal health, what would you look like, and what would you be doing? Whatever your answer is, you can use the image that you have formed in your mind to attract that scenario into your life.

Creative Visualization is a powerful, life-changing tool. It utilizes your creative energy, the conscious and subconscious mind, to manifest your desires. The reality shift that this technique can create is otherworldly, and it will create miracles for your health.

To begin, start by closing your eyes and relax. Think about being completely healthy and what that would mean to you. Picture your new gorgeous body and see yourself standing in front of the mirror, feeling proud of how you look.

When you use creative visualization, it is important to use all of your senses—everything from touch, taste to the sounds that you hear. Use them to bring your visualization to life and act as if it is already happening.

Speak It Into Existence

The power of the tongue is priceless. It is important to speak life, especially when it is in regards to your health. When you complain about an illness, you bring more of it to you. When you talk about your aches and pains, they will feel worse.

Take control of your life and refrain from using negative words against yourself. They do not serve you, and they will keep you in bad health for the foreseeable future until you do something about it. To change the future of your well-being, you need to use positive affirmations.

When you use affirmations for your health, you will rewire your mind to take on positive beliefs about your body, ageing, and other detrimental factors that challenge your health. They are an incredible tool for dissolving limiting thoughts and assumptions that you have had about your health.

Try these powerful affirmations to boost your body and heal your life:

  • I am fit, healthy, and strong
  • My body is in the perfect condition
  • I have never felt so positive about my vitality and wellness
  • I am full of energy that keeps on going
  • I feel fantastic, and I look fabulous
  • I have the health of someone half my age
  • When I wake up in the morning, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.
  • Abundant energy radiates through my body. I am a sensational spiritual being.

The energy that you are putting out into the universe is attracting certain experiences to you. Your health is one of these areas where careful consideration and thought can go a long way. Remain conscious of your thoughts and feelings to ensure that you give yourself the best chance for better health.

Your body is an important vessel that carries your spirit. Treat it well and be kind to yourself. Always remember that you are one in a million and that you are worthy of the fully-functioning body that you desire. Being a member of Femi God, I have realized that health is wealth. Their mission is to help and support people worldwide in their quest to get the most out of life with holistic living practices and healthy lifestyle choices.