Have you ever met people who seem to set a goal and before you know it, they’ve achieved their goal and are moving onto their next one?

It’s as if the Universe is conspiring with them to bring them everything they want.

Guess what? It is.

They have not hit the energetic lottery and are not one of the chosen few.

We are all able to tap into this manifesting energy to bring the life of our dreams into fruition.

Just as in all relationships, and all things in life, we receive what we give.

I invite you to apply my GIVE formula to your life to receive and manifest precisely what you are desiring for your life.  
G- Gratitude- Give gratitude for everything that is happening in your life right now. Make a list on paper or simply in your thoughts. However, we don’t just give gratitude for our blessings. We give gratitude for those things we deem frustrating as well. When something challenging happens, how can you find gratitude for it?

My daughter was emptying the dish washer and dropped something back into the sink on accident. I immediately felt and said, “Thank goodness!  Something about that item must not have gotten clean so the Universe needed us to clean it again. No worries! Just stick it back in!”

This shift in parenting is a huge leap from my highly critical, perfectionist household I grew up in that I vowed I would not repeat in my own family.

This perspective is the result of years of mental training that everything happens for a reason so welcome life as it comes and find gratitude in everything that makes its way into life.

Give gratitude for the Universe’s path– not necessarily what you deem as blessings.  

This is huge and probably the biggest takeaway you can insert into your life to begin manifesting the life of your dreams.

Everything happens in perfect Divine order and the more appreciation you have for this order and your perfect path, rather than specific blessings, the more it primes the manifesting pump and allows your intended life to flow. 

I- Imagine your intention into reality- Set your intention on what you want to bring into your life by imagining what it would feel, taste, smell, sound and look like.

Rather than simply listing what you want to bring into your life, use all five senses to set your intention.

What would it feel like to have what you desire? What would it sound like? What would it taste like? What would you see? How would it feel?  

I am manifesting a literary agent and am doing so by feeling what it feels like to have the mentorship and partnership with someone who wants to bring my book to life. I feel the phone on my ear as we discuss my book and hear the great advice and guidance being offered. I feel my mouth experience a mixture of dryness from excitement and nourished from the water I drink during the conversations. I see their connected eyes and feel the appreciation of how this person understands how powerful this book will be to heal the experience of anxiety.

This is a five senses manifestation.  
V-Validate – Validate your experience. Watch for signs coming in that your goal is coming to fruition. Look for and appreciate the breadcrumbs that come your way leading you to your goal.

Validate your experience.

I wrote my manuscript and I asked one of my dearest friends for his recommendation for an editor. His recommendation led me to the perfect editor for a book on anxiety. Her contribution to my manuscript is priceless. Another friend guided me to an incredible agent database. Another friend helped me refine my pitch, so it was more appealing to agents. These are the breadcrumbs knowing that the Universe is guiding me along my path. The perfect people and situations continue to present themselves confirming to me that I am on course. 

E- Expect – Expect that your manifestation is on its way to you. Know in your soul that it is being delivered.

Be careful not to continue to request and request.

Expect instead.

Do you click the order button multiple times when you order from Amazon? Or do you click it once? Do you expect your package to be delivered prime tomorrow and it arrives?

Yes, it does.

This is no different.

Expect your manifestation to arrive in its perfect Divine time. Know that it will be delivered in Divine Prime Time.
Once you GIVE this your all and set your intention, bask in the experience. Bask in your gratitude. Bask in it coming to fruition.

When something unwanted shows up, bask in this offering as a clarification of what you do not want and use this contrast to get even clearer about your intention and run through the GIVE process again.
Live from this place of basking rather than forcing your intention.

Choose what feels good to do today.

What does it feel like to bite into a cold piece of sweet watermelon on a hot sunny day? Refreshing, satisfying, delicious.
This delicious watermelon delight state is the energetic state to maintain to bring in all that your heart desires- satisfaction, gratitude and delight.

Join me for today’s meditation, Manifesting the life of your dreams, as we bask in this sweet delicious unattached state of welcoming in the life of our GIVEn dreams.

Much love,