This year has been full of so much chaos and calm.

It’s been full of fear and love and gratitude.

Maybe we’re giving gratitude for things we might not have expected- clean air, family and our health. We were certainly afraid of things we never expected to be afraid of, as well. 

2020 was a foundation building year.  In numerology, 2020 adds up to 4 which represents foundation. The theme of this entire year was foundation.  Little did we know how much foundation we might have needed to actually build.

A skyscraper can only be as tall as its foundation is deep.

Its foundation supports the building through the wind, rain and wear of the world, just as this foundational year will support you in ways you may have never expected as you move forward.

And we are going to have some tall buildings because we all went deep this year. We were forced to go to the depths of our being and our primal emotions with all that happened. Because we went so deep, we are now going to go sky high. 

As you wrap up this year, you may be wrapping up more than usual- more grief, more frustration, more letting go of the way things were.

As you let go, it clears the space for you to intend and to create something new. What do you want to cultivate? What do you want to experience instead of grief? What do you want to feel instead of frustration?

Will you allow this year to hold you back or use the resiliency you’ve gained, the strength you’ve built and the greater understanding you have of yourself to catapult your life forward and upwards?

The Universe has prepared you this year to receive a multitude of blessings in this upcoming year. Are you ready to receive it? 

You are the faucet for your own energy source. 

You can allow energy to flow to you or not flow to you. You have the power to usher these newfound strengths of 2020 into this new year to discover what blessings are awaiting you in the new year. You can also choose to remain stuck in 2020. 

Have you experienced a day where everything flowed? You felt grateful; people seemed more friendly; you kept finding the perfect parking spot.  Guess what? Your faucet was open and flowing that day. This is why they call it a state of “flow.” 

I bet you’ve also experienced the opposite. The crankier you felt, the crankier the people around you appeared to be. Nothing went right. It was “one of those days.” And I bet you can now guess which way your faucet was turned that day…a tight off…maybe even with a little rust. 

How do we keep our energy faucet on so blessings flow to us every day? It’s the same way we manifest everything we want in our life. Through gratitude. Here’s how I actually locked a door using gratitude,¬†How gratitude locked my door.

Gratitude will allow your blessings to flow through your faucet and bring you the most incredible blessings. What will you focus on in 2021? How will you wrap up this year? What do you want to intend for this next year? 

Join me for this New Year’s Meditation as we set our intentions for 2021 together and bring in an incredible and empowered year together. 

Much love,