Visualization is to manifesting what water is to the ocean.  Without an ability to see, feel and experience the essence of a thing, you will be unable to create it.  That is because, the creative process is based on your conscious awareness of a thing, an experience or an ability.

What that means is that you have to have, the ability to envision a thing first, before you can materialize that thing into this life.  Unfortunately for a large percentage of people, visualization is not as easy as many would like us to thing.

Recently I ran a poll to my list of subscribers and the percentage of those who are unable to visualize was more than 50%.  This was the second time I ran such a survey and the results were relatively the same.  This is what got me to create the Visualize It Guided Program.

3 Things You Can Begin to Do When You Can’t Visualize

One of the first things you need to realize when you cannot visualize, is that, visualization can be learned.  It is a mental tool which you can train yourself to become better at.  Even those who are able to visualize have found that they become much better at visualization after spending some time training their mind in order to become better at it.

1.) Observe Details With Your Eyes Open

You can begin to improve upon your ability to visualize by being observant of details in your environment when your eyes are open.  Look all around you, be observant as you process the details of every item and where everything is positioned.

2.) Focus on The Feeling of Things

Just as it is important to see its just as important to feel the energy of what you want to create.  This is something no one else can make you experience.  To feel is to allow all of your senses to be aware of an experience.  That is how that thing taste, sound, and the over all sensation that it leaves you feeling.  The only way to build focus on the feeling of what you want to manifest is to attune to it as often as you can.

3.) Guiding Your Thoughts With a Script

One of the most effective techniques for guiding your mind into the creative process is to repeat suggestions to yourself.  Self-talk, cannot be underestimated. 

By controlling your mental dialogue, you force your mind to slow down.  Repeating affirmations force the mind to stay on a targeted issue.  What that does is over time the mind will slip into a trace state where it will gradually begin to form a mental image of what you are forcing it to focus on.

Mental Training Requires Consistency

In order to increase your ability, you must be willing to train yourself by doing these techniques every single day until you become better and until you can begin to see detail when your eyes are closed.  Start by dedicating a few minutes a day at least 3 times a day. 

Don’t force the issue, some days results will be great while at other results may not be very clear.  Don’t give up no matter what.  Over time, it will all just come together.  You may want to explore guided meditations which makes the process a lot easier.  If you are interested in being guided, please check my Visualize It Guided Program.