Employee productivity is a result of the work performance is the relationship between objectives, goals, or tasks achieved, and time is needed to achieve it. This calculation has to be done that time refers to quality hours served and that the most significant variable is the people who are in charge of executing the functions of the job.

To measure labor productivity, you do not have to look only at the results in terms of quantity or the achievement of objectives. That is measuring production and not work performance. Productivity depends on many other aspects, more difficult to quantify but with a decisive impact on individual performance such as satisfaction, organizational climate, recognition, or the work environment.

There is a negative relationship between hours and productivity since, working more hours tends to reduce the use made of them and multiply the time spent in the office without performing sufficiently. Therefore, work performance is not a matter of hours of permanence in the job, or the realization of many extra hours but of the use of time and quality of the activity carried out, which are the factors that affect performance work.

How to measure job performance?

There is a simple formula to be able to calculate productivity and measure the job performance of employees in a company. It is developed based on three variables: capacity, focus, and strategy that articulate the production capacity and the way to optimize the available resources. If these elements are combined well then more, and better results can acquire.

Productivity = Capacity * Focus * Strategy

Keep in mind that labor performance is a ratio that relates to the cost of resources and production results, it’s easy to make the mistake of measuring only the final result or, in other words, production and not productivity.

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And how do you know if an employee is productive when working remotely?

It is possible that, at specific times, your workers have to work outside the office, either from their respective homes or from any other remote location. While there are reports that workers are more productive when they work remotely than when they do it from the office, there are employers who are still reluctant to implement this way of working in their businesses. How can they tell if your remote employees are productive and therefore taking the time to carry out their assigned tasks? Take a look at these tips for measuring your employees’ productivity while telecommuting.