What does success mean to you? Here is a quick guide to help you define your own definition.

Before you start striving for success, it’s important to identify exactly what it means to you. And, just as importantly, how you will measure the way success is unfolding in your life. 

There’s no right or wrong way to define success – it is simply what matters most to you. It’s crucial to identify your own criteria, because achieving success (and feeling successful) is where you want to invest your energy and effort on a daily basis. I feel that success is your complete body of work in life; it’s you as a whole package. 

  • How does success feel to you? 
  • How would you define success in one sentence? 
  • How will you measure it daily? 

What we’re after is a new, sustainable formula for success that allows you to embrace everything you are today. We make a huge number of choices on a day-to-day basis that determine how successful we are, and it is up to you to recognise this. Tapping into your feeling of success every day will keep you motivated and inspired. 

Examples of what success may mean to you: 

  • Success means freedom of choice in my daily life. 
  • Success is the ability to earn a living from work that I’m passionate about. 
  • Success means living a purposeful life. 
  • Success is when I approve of myself and what I’m doing each day. 

For me, success means living the life I choose. When I take responsibility, I feel successful every day. I’ve structured my diary and chosen how busy I am, how many times I’ve said yes, how fit I am, what I’m eating, whether my finances are up to date and how I’ve spent time with my family and friends. I’ve also structured time for stillness, mindfulness and space, and worked on my business so my time is used profitably. This gives me a great sense of freedom. 

What’s your definition of success? Write it down in your journal, spend some time on it, get to be comfortable and familiar with it so you can find happiness, fulfilment and some achievement every day in life.

Shannah Kennedy, Executive Life Strategist and Coach