Many people dread going for a first date and then having to go through awkward patches of silence because it is hard to keep the conversation going. This experience is uncomfortable and this is why you start feeling stressed every time you want to go out with someone new. First dates can be amazing when the conversation flows, and you find each other funny, interesting, and connected.

The difference between an amazing and awkward experience is sometimes dependent on your ability to keep the conversation flowing. Below are six tips from that will go a long way in helping you open those floodgates so that you can increase your chances of connecting during the date.

Reading on current events. Talking about what is going on in the world is a good way of striking up an interesting conversation. Whether it is the latest movie, breaking news, or the latest gadgets on the market. Talking about the news is stimulating and also you get to know more about a person. You can catch up with the latest news on your way to work.

Asking questions. If you reach a point where you don’t know what to say to your date, ask them about themselves. There is a lot of things they can talk about when it comes to talking about themselves. People love it when they talk about themselves, take advantage of this. It is hard to find someone who finds it hard to talk about themselves. Some of the questions include; Where did you go to college? Where did you grow up? What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Tell me more about your job. These questions are not that hard and your date will most likely have an answer ready. You will enjoy the conversation as you get to know more about the person.

Commenting on the appearance of your date. “I really like your dress” will go a long way. You can ask them whether they got it. Such a question can result in minutes of conversation. Complimenting their hair could result in her talking about how she just decided to try something new.

Being open and honest. It is okay to let your date know you have not been on many dates and it is still new to you and you feel a little nervous. When you are open and honest, both of you are going to be at ease.

Listening to what the other person is saying. You should put your listening skills at work. When you are on a date, it is easy to feel nervous and your mind wanders around, making it hard for you to listen to his or her response. You should try to pay attention because of two main reasons. The first is listening is how you get to learn more about your date.

The second is you will know what to ask next, which is going to result in more conversation.

Laughing on a first date is one of the best things you can do. You shouldn’t be afraid of making fun of yourself, telling jokes, keeping things light, or just being honest in a funny way. Studies done have shown people love dates where they laugh and smile. Laughter can make people more attractive and can help take the conversation to the next level.


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