Anyway, we will someday die, so why now torture ourselves with sports and proper nutrition?” – this is roughly what the average person thinks when it comes to the efforts that must be made to maintain our own health.

We are has identified four main reasons for leading a healthy lifestyle. Save it for yourself!

The alarm rings at 6:45, you lazily open your eyes and rearrange the alarm five minutes later. At this time, thoughts rush through my head: “It’s so early … but I decided to go for a run yesterday … Maybe well, to hell with it!” Anyway, I’ll someday die … I’d better lie about half an hour today.

Of course, such thoughts came to the mind of every person who firmly decided to change something in himself and his habits in order to become healthier. And there is some truth in them – getting up for a run is really hard, giving up harmful (but so tasty!) Food is even harder …

Fortunately, if we are talking specifically about health, and not about an accident, we can agree with the layman’s argument about the inevitability of death only by supplementing these arguments with the following important nuances.

Life extension

Healthy habits increase longevity. The experiments confirmed that even if you started to follow healthy habits only after 50 years, life expectancy due to a healthy diet and regular physical activity will increase by a period of four to seven years.

Quality of life improvements

If at 20 you can lead an unhealthy lifestyle and feel tolerable, then at the age of 40 you will feel all the consequences of an incorrect lifestyle. And the appearance of shortness of breath, excess weight, digestive problems gives an adult a lot of discomfort.

Physical activity and proper nutrition will not only improve the appearance of the figure, but also stabilize the nervous system and help establish a sleep pattern.


There is strong evidence that a healthy diet and no bad habits save money. Indeed, the most healthy and healthy products are inexpensive, and the prices of alcohol and cigarettes are affordable to call quite difficult. In addition, people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle are more often sick, that is, forced to lose in earnings. Also add here the costs of doctors, medicines and inpatient care. Also we rent a car Madrid, to visit a good diet doctor. We get a good consultation about diet and complexing nutrition.

Healthy children  Poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol and lack of physical activity can also affect the health of your children and, possibly, even the health of their children. Firstly, through role-based modeling. Children, parents who smoke, much more often start to smoke themselves … The same applies to children whose parents do not eat properly. Secondly, through a mechanism called epigenetics, our own health can affect the health of future generations. Currently, it is believed that epigenetics, transmitted from physical activity, dietary characteristics, and environmental factors, is transmitted through a generation. These factors influence the subsequent risk of metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Finally, being overweight, lack of exercise and sugar can significantly reduce the chances of having children. In women, overweight increases the risk of polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes irregular ovulation and can in some cases lead to infertility.