Motivate Yourself

Life is full of surprises and unfortunately, not all of them dazzle you. Whether you are a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, you will have a lot of phases when life throws you a curve ball. Disappointment is not fun at all. It can throw you in a negative funk for a very long period. It is a human tendency that you keep raking up when you do not get what you fancy, but life is all about the move on. Of course, the phases of disappointment are endless. It is up to you how you deal with it.

Some people treat it as their strength. They learn and move on. On the other hand, some people get so upset that they lose themselves. Failure does not lead to the end of life. You need to accept the fact bravely. Disappointment is not always as bad as it seems. There are ways to deal with it.

Accept The Fact

There is no doubt that disappointment hurts. No matter why you are unhappy, you do not need to hide it beneath a fake smile. The more you push it inside your heart, the more upset you become. It is nothing but an attack of negative emotions, and you should get rid of them as soon as possible. First off, you need to accept how you feel it. If you avoid accepting the way you feel in the beginning, negative energies will mount up in your heart and then eventually bust out. You will feel more depressed.

Never hesitate to accept that the fact is what you are facing currently. Whether you have been struggling in your relationship or you have been running out of money, just accept it as is. You need to remind yourself that your role is limited to your efforts you make to achieve your goal or to keep things on the track. You cannot take control of the result. Do not be ashamed of expressing your feelings as it will take the burden off your mind. If you suppress your disappointment, you will likely put yourself in danger.

Keep Your Disappointing Factors in Perspective

The overall situation will not be that bad if you keep things in perspective. Ask yourself how long a particular phase of dismay is going to hover over you like a cloud. For instance, if you have failed your competitive exam, you can sit next time. If you have lost your job, you can land a new one within a couple of months. Of course, when problems crop up, you start feeling perturbed, but you can get over it if you actually calculate when it comes to end.

Talking to other people who have gone through the same phase will help you get a deeper insight into it. For instance, if you have been struggling in your relationship for a very long time and have no clue what to do to improve it, you should take advice from others. If you cannot talk to anyone immediately, you should express your thoughts in writing. It will help you get rid of wrath, fear, and negative energies.

Be Thankful for What You Have

The best way to overcome the disappointment is to be grateful for all those things that you desired and you got. Life is full of giving and take. You should be thankful for what you have. When you get upset, you should think about what you should be happy. You will find a lot of reasons to feel elated and satisfied, for instance, a beautiful home, a nice partner, a promising career, health and the like.

It is not a good sign if you focus on things you did not get in your life and feel sad about them. A positive person will always feel blessed for the hings they have.  Make a list of things you have to be grateful for. When you are upset about what you did not get in your life, you should motivate yourself by facing the reality that you will get more opportunities. Continue to work hard and hope for the best.

Learn From Your Situation

It is natural that you get lost in pain when what you want to have happened does not occur, but it does mean that you will never try to get out of it. In fact, you should learn from it and try to move on. Ask yourself whether you were at fault somewhere, what you have learnt from it, how you can avoid repeating this mistake, which thing you can do differently next time etc. Introspection is essential to assure that you will behave in a better way next time you fall in the same situation.  

Stop Over Expecting

Over expectation can lead to disappointment. Make realistic goals that you could achieve with your efforts. Over-optimism is dangerous. Suppose you want to replace your furniture and you have taken out unsecured loans with bad credit without analyzing your budget as you were sure that you would not face any trouble. This is a sign of over-optimism. You cannot be overconfident in your life. Time has power to prove you wrong. Set your goals that may come true. Whatever you find in your life, do not be impatient. Think whether your target is achievable or not. If you become overly optimistic, you will get nothing but disappointment.

Move Ahead

Stop dredging up what you have lost. Instead, focus on your goals and make efforts to achieve them. However, it does not mean that you will spend your whole life pursuing your goals. Life is for living. Moving on from your bad experience will be easier if you practice acceptance, spend your time with friends and family, make new plans and grab new opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Never forget that life gives both good and bad surprises. When you fail to achieve anything, you do not need to get lost in the world of desperation. Instead, accept the reality and try to move on.