How To Narrow Your "Expert" Focus -- While You Avoid Trying To Keep Up With Every Piece Of Published Content... Dre Baldwin

I have more books on my (virtual) bookshelves than I’ll probably ever read (or at least retain much of the information from). 

I’ll never get caught up on all the podcasts I’m subscribed to.

There are too many videos uploaded to YouTube every minute for me to watch them all, even at 2X speed with 3 screens (phone, tablet, laptop). 

I’m alright with all of this. The reason: I’ve picked a handful (read: a number I can count on one hand) of people whom I’ve decided to get and stay 100% caught up on everything they do, offer, or share. 

If they say it, I listen. 

What they write, I read. 

They’re selling it? I’m buying. 

I’m immersing myself in just this select few. 

Anyone outside of this group, I’ll still enjoy their stuff when I have time or space, but if / when I fall behind on the outsiders, I’m fine with it. They’re not in my “immersion” group. 

No one person covers everything (at least, not well). And it’s good to have a couple different perspectives, even on the same subject, from which you can form your own views. 

This simple practice is what I suggest you do to help yourself make sense of all the content and material out there today. Don’t try to “catch up” on everyone. Do the math: it ain’t happening. 

You are physically incapable of taking it all in, so stop trying, and don’t hold yourself to such a standard. 

Choose a few, and stick to them. 

Choose wisely, and those choices will pay you back 20X or more. 

I wrote The Mirror Of Motivation to help you get focused on the essential aspects of your life, which will enable you to block out anything that’s not serving your chief aims. 

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