I once asked a very wise woman how to know the difference between what I really want and what I think I want. She shrugged her shoulders and said quite simply, “Good feels good – just follow what feels good.” Doing what feels good can change your life.

Feeling Good is all about YOU.

Here’s how to learn to navigate by joy:

  1. Develop positive feelings about your life. Focus on feeling joyous, loved, and secure. Each morning take a moment to bring these feelings into your heart. A prayer, meditation, or promise to yourself will do the trick – make a point of acknowledging that you ‘intend’ to feel this way today.
  2. Throughout the day, remind yourself of these intentions. If you keep forgetting that’s your intention, wear something on your body to remind you – try wearing red underwear or putting your watch on the other wrist!
  3. Pay attention to opportunities that arise in your life. If they create the feeling you intend, then go for it. Really experience those feelings as deeply as possible, and thank the universe for presenting these opportunities to you. Gratitude is powerful – even if the situation doesn’t create what you thought it might.
  4. Remember to have fun! Navigating by joy will bring ‘play’ back into your life. Ask yourself, “Is there an easy way to make what I am doing right now more fun?” Try dancing with your cat while you vacuum, or pretending to be in a new sports car while driving the kids to school.

Two special techniques:

Pay attention to how many times the word ‘should’ shows up in your life. ‘Shoulds’ usually come from somewhere other than your heart. Try to eradicate ‘should’ from your vocabulary.

Just tell the universe ‘what’ you want to feel – happy, enthusiastic, loved. Never tell the universe ‘how’ to bring the feeling to you. For example, if you wish to feel more secure in your life, just ask for greater security, don’t tell the universe that you want to win the lottery or marry a wealthy partner. The universe can bring security in ways you never imagined.

Adventures in happiness await!