College students often anticipate the day of graduation from the time that they begin freshman year. There is a wonderful sense of pride in having successfully completed four years of higher education. However, there are a lot of graduates who are unsure of how to navigate life after college.  

The transition can be very confusing and many people are unsure of what the future holds. Life is shifting and it’s common for feelings of loss and confusion to encroach upon new graduates as they find themselves at a crossroads. It’s important that as you face adversity you continue to put your trust in God. Be patient in times of trial and remember that Christ will not turn his back on you. Life after college is filled with opportunities, excitement, and adventure. Do not lament the trials and tribulations that come, instead embrace it. Give thanks for the fact that there is a lesson in everything. 

Continue to keep the Sabbath. During the transformative time, it can be easy to feel too busy, especially if you’re in a new place, to continue worshiping on Sunday. However, make sure to slow down enough that you can reflect on this period. Avoid rushing and make sure to spend a bit of time each day in silence, examining your own heart. When graduates continue to worship and reserve time on Sunday to attend church it can be an effective way to overcome and embrace all of the changes taking place.

Likewise, continue to pray and meditate on Scripture. Invite God into your life by fitting your thoughts, actions, and words to Scripture. Besides asking God what he wants you to do with your life, ask that he teaches you about who he is, enlarging your heart and opening your mind to the Spirit. As you read the words of the bible, committing them to memory, you will return to Him again and again. 

After graduation friends may move away and the group of peers that you’ve come to rely on can shrink. Aside from finding companionship through your faith with God, cultivate new friendships that will bring you the same stability and perspective to get you through such a stimulating time in your life. Learn how to cook a few hearty and healthy meals, read books for fun, and explore the new neighborhood that you live in. 

Navigating life after college presents itself with a plethora of opportunities to get in touch with God in new ways and pave a way forward that can be founded His grace.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

Corinthians 5:17

This blog was originally published on Mark Smith’s website.