Covid-19! We hear about it everywhere and all the time. The news trying to inform us and keep us up to date about everything. We are confronted with it every single day. It probably affects our day to day life and now we have to learn to find a new and different routine for our daily life.
You love to travel and you slowly go crazy?! Right now, we cannot and we should not travel to put others and ourselves on risk. It is time to find an alternative way to overcome the Covid-time in the best possible way and transform in a productive and healthy way.

Take the time to reflect your past trips

We have a lot of experiences and memories about different trips and now you can take the time to reflect them again. Take an evening and watch your pictures again, think about the details and try to remember as much as possible. Try to travel in your memories, reconstruct situations, the chats with locals, the places you visited, the sounds and smells which accompanied you on your trips. Remember the moods you had, think about the people you met and try to find out what experiences where special for you and why.
If you wrote a diary, read it again and take back to the time you traveled a country.
Reflecting your experiences is a way to account for the past trips. It will also give you a very new comfort for upcoming travels and is a way to make you feel good in the current situation.

Make a photobook or a photo wall

Coming back from a trip you sometimes get back in the daily life so fast that you don’t find the time to make a photobook or print out some pictures to put them on the wall. Now you can use the time in a lockdown to reflect your past trips and make a photobook or a photo wall to have the memories more openly and not just somewhere in a folder deep in your computer documents.

Talk about your travel memories

You are home and don’t know what to do? Take your phone and call or message your travel buddies. Talk to people you traveled with, romanticize about your travel experience. Maybe it is now time to call people you met on your trip. Get in touch with them, check if they are doing good. We have an amazing advanced technology to do high quality video calls and to be in contact with our beloved all the time. Use it!

Plan a trip for the future

Take your phone or laptop and read about countries you want to visit. There are numerous blogs and vlogs of people who traveled a lot. There are many guidebooks you can read online. Everything you need for planning your next trip is just right next to you. There is no need to go anywhere right now. You can plan your trip from your couch and prepare for the time when it is possible to travel again.

Do things which makes you feel good.

To not getting mad, it always helps to do things which brings you down and put you on relax-mode. Everybody has his own tricks to be in balance. Some people just need a little time to relax on the couch and listen to some music. Other people like to read a book or cook some good food. Another idea is doing workout or yoga, draw, paint or do some handicrafts. There are various ways how people can make themselves feel good. In the current situation, it is very important to take care of your own mental and physical health and listen to what your mind or body tells you. Trust your instinct and try to make yourself feel good.