Injuries are the worst, especially when they leave you laid up to think about how it could have been prevented while you count down the weeks until you’re pronounced “all better.” Crest the bitterness hump by keeping your head up and your spirits high! And remind yourself that stuff happens; it’s an unofficial fact of life.

Heal Your Mind while Your Body Recovers from Injury


Stop denying it, it happened. The more your reject how you injured yourself, the harder it is for you to stay positive. It’s okay to be frustrated at where you are but here’s the reality: this is your new normal. You can’t control what happened, but you can control your emotional responses by accepting what cannot be changed. Harness those jagged emotions into constructive energy by focusing on recovering.

Exercise your body

Odd suggestion? Well, it’s actually not. If you’ve hurt a digit – hand or foot – there is no reason why you can’t insert some gentle exercise into your day. Strength train the uninjured appendages while your wrist heals or your ankle mends itself. Just be sure to clear this with your doctor first and to consult a professional physiotherapist on which exercises are fine to do while you recover!

Exercise Your Mind

Keep your mind active! Fill your days with brain teasers, puzzles, sudoku, writing, reading or taking an online course! Use this downtime constructively to work on projects that you’ve been too busy to complete – like that scrapbook that you’ve meant to do!

Anti-inflammatory & Healthy Diet

Eat right, as you would any other day. If you allow yourself to emotionally eat your frustrations away – p.s., it won’t help – you’ll end up feeling worse about yourself. There is no need to pack on the weight when you’re supposed to be taking care of yourself! Instead of filling up on empty calories and going for those chips, chomp on anti-inflammatory foods to help you recover! Fruit, nuts, dark leafy greens or fatty fish.

Positive Support

If you find yourself in a constant battle against yourself, fall back on your support system. Whoever you rely on for moral support, give them a call when you find yourself in a rut and talk to them. Even if it’s about the weather. Detour out of your woes and catch up with another human being. You’re never alone.


When your life is busy, it’s often too easy to forget to pause and do something relaxing for your greater health. Now more than ever; you need a positive mindset to get you through your recovery days! Book some self-care time into your day, activities that ground you and help expel negativity. Yoga, meditation, journal, etc. – find your ticket to inner happiness!

Recovering Your Mind and Body after a Painful Injury

Stuff happens. You may fall but like you teach your kid, the important thing is you get back up. So dust off the “I can’t believe this happened to me” and put your focus where it belongs – on overcoming your injury. With a positive outlook and a “can-do” attitude because soon enough you’ll be good as new!