With such a lot of competition among job boards and job search websites on the Internet, it can be difficult to sift through the job listings that are American Sign Language (ASL)-specific or deaf-related. Many deaf and hard of hearing job hunters get frustrated when their search results came back with too many job postings that are not relevant to their job experience or interests. Using different keywords on major job search engines or websites do not always deliver the best search results for deaf and hard of hearing job hunters. Fortunately, niche job boards can offer a better user experience for job seekers, especially for deaf and hard of hearing job candidates.

What is a Niche Job Board?

A niche job board is often industry-focused (e.g., education, medical, technology, mental health, etc.) and it allows companies and organizations to post job vacancies so that targeted candidates can navigate through the postings in one place. A niche job board is usually a smaller site with highly relevant jobs when compared with a general job site. A niche job board usually does not have the same large traffic as a mega job search site, but job postings on a niche job board often receive higher quality and more relevant job applications with stronger candidates.

Niche Boards and the Passive Job Seekers

Niche boards are often considered as the perfect way of attracting passive job seekers, which represent approximately 60% of the labor force. The passive job seekers are often employed, and they would occasionally browse the job listings on trusted niche job boards looking for new opportunities. Not only that, the U.S. News reported that job seekers have better chances of getting hired through niche job boards.

Specialized Job Resources

Along with job listings, niche job boards often provide specialized resources within the industry in forms of articles, employment tips, and blog posts. Niche job boards can offer better and quality industry-specific information that is often not seen on the general job websites. The job resources available on niche job boards can provide valuable materials to site visitors even though they are not applying for a job.

A Niche Job Board Site for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

A specialized job board can serve as an excellent job search tool for deaf and hard of hearing people looking for ASL-specific or deaf-related jobs. Such a job board allows both deaf and hard of hearing people (whether or not they are passive job seekers) to target their search, saving them time and energy to find relevant job openings more quickly. Deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as employers that hire them, would benefit from specialized job resources that are not offered elsewhere such as information on best practices in hiring and working with deaf and hard of hearing employees. DeafJobWizard.com is a niche job board that can meet with this unique demand. This particular online job board site can offer a smart way for deaf and hard of hearing people to find jobs that require fluency in ASL or to work with deaf consumers as well as with other deaf co-workers.

As the employers are now looking for a much more targeted recruitment pool, niche job boards can offer quality versus quantity when compared with mega job search sites for finding job candidates and posting job vacancies. This widely-believed observation can also be very true for a niche job board site that only lists ASL-specific and deaf-related jobs.


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