Today, the labor market is very competitive. The changes are increasingly vertiginous. You have to adapt quickly to new ways of performing tasks, new technologies, other forms of communication, to work as a team with people from the other side of the world.

Sometimes it also happens that companies do not have enough human resources to perform all the required tasks; or do not have the necessary equipment or material to do it more efficiently. Other times, decisions are made at the last minute and, although there was a perfectly planned task, you have to go out to do it in a hurry, without the time you had thought to have. Also, it happens that in some opportunities employees have to make difficult decisions with little time for analysis and without much rest, due to the burden of tasks. Adverse conditions can be varied. All this leads to work pressure becoming stress.

Working under pressure means being efficient even when there are not enough resources or time. Maintaining balance in situations like this is a skill in marketing that can be developed. Therefore, we must take into account some tips to cope with the pressure and achieve good performance, even in an unfavorable scenario: LemonDog agency can help you in your business to reduce stress.

1. Organize:

Distinguish which tasks are the most important and urgent, and carry them out in order of priority. Better yet if they are done at the time of the day when one is more productive.

2. Maintain a positive attitude:

It is key to understand that stress depends largely on how one reacts to things that happen to him or to external circumstances. You can always blame the boss, the lack of resources, traffic, shortly to deliver the projects … but you have to take into account that you can take advantage of an adverse situation and make the pressure play in favor. Instead of victimizing and seeing difficulty as a threat, it can be understood that it is a challenge and an opportunity for growth, to put one’s own knowledge into practice and demonstrate what one is worth.

3. Review external requirements and self-demands:

Be objective against what is really needed vs. What we believe we should deliver. Analyze the real magnitude of the “threat” and assign it to its rightful place. There is no need to impose excessive pressure. We must learn to be assertive, to give an opinion in an adequate and justified manner, to say no, to delegate, to ask for help.

4. Discipline:

Arrive earlier at the office to avoid adding the stress of starting the day running. Have a nutritious breakfast to have more energy during the day. Sleep at least 7 hours.

5. Remember the successful projects themselves:

We have already gone through some adverse, stressful situations, and we know that we were able to comply with the deadlines imposed. The difficulty can be overcome. We must visualize the next success.

6. Learn to manage frustration:

By not getting the expected results, there are two alternatives: getting frustrated or accepting it. The best option is to accept it, but without being conformist. Let’s enjoy what we have achieved and continue in the search for what we long for. You have to learn the lesson from those experiences that went as expected.

7. Perform relaxation exercises and physical activity:

They will help reduce the feeling of anxiety and release the stress accumulated during the day. Today’s world requires us to be experts of immediacy and work under pressure. However, this type of work is not necessarily negative but, on the contrary, can help us to profit, to stay focused, to demonstrate our creativity and proactivity.


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