We all have aspects of our life which move effortlessly and other areas that stagnate. One of the causes for why it may be hard for you to move forward in certain areas of your life is emotional blocks. Emotional blockages can be hard to recognize and even harder to address. However, you can overcome them once you learn what they are, their symptoms, and techniques to heal them.

How Do Emotional Blocks Originate?

‘Emotional block’ is a term commonly used in the personal development space, but what does it actually mean? The phrase can be defined as repressed or unhealed emotional wounds suffered from previous life experiences. The unprocessed emotions may seem non-existent, yet their effects persist, leading to struggles with certain areas of life – such as issues with love or money.

Emotional blocks occur when the residual energy left from the emotional trauma stays submerged, constantly being re-lived on a subconscious level. When difficult emotions like anger, resentment, guilt, and sadness go repressed and unhealed, the side effects affect overall well-being by blocking the flow of positive energy in vital areas of life. In other words, blocked emotions lead to blocked energy.

Why Emotional Blocks Need to be Healed

Emotional blocks may be difficult to recognize because a significant number of emotional blocks result from events which occurred at an age too young to remember and/or from experiences so traumatic they have been repressed and forgotten. However, because the cause of the emotional blocks stays in the background of our awareness, sometimes this means their effects persist. Unhealed emotional wounds shape perceptions and behaviors in adulthood.

Emotional blocks show up in obvious and not so obvious ways. Knowing the symptoms can help us recognize the emotional blocks in our lives. Common symptoms of emotional blocks are unhelpful or negative patterns, feeling stuck in the same place, constant depression, frequent procrastination about the same issue or theme and increased consumption of alcohol and food.

Furthermore, emotional blocks affect physical well-being and may even result in serious health issues. You have most likely heard that unresolved painful emotions like grief can affect health; common idioms like ‘dying of a broken heart’ indicate this. The pain our bodies endure as a result of emotional blocks adds to the many reasons why emotional blocks should be addressed and cleared immediately.

Clear Emotional Blocks with Energy Healing

Our thoughts are energy. Our feelings are energy. Our world is energy. Science even proves that our bodies consist of energy systems.

The electrical energy in our bodies is responsible for the proper functioning of the heart, the nervous system, and every cell in the human body. Currents of energy flow through us, but energy blockages from unresolved emotions tend to disrupt the flow, leading to unhealthy patterns and illness.

In other words, emotional blocks are energy blocks. And, clearing emotional blocks requires healing at the root cause – the energetic level, in order to release the unhealthy ties to past situations. Although there are various modalities to clear emotional blocks, since our bodies are energy systems, working with an energy healer can address the emotional blocks at the root. One big benefit is energy healing works with a system which already makes up the lifeline of our bodies. Energy healers connect with the Divine and infuse positive light and energy into the parts of our energetic fields experiencing deficits.

However, some may find it painful to deal with the difficult situations which caused emotional blocks. When emotional blockages are brought to a person’s attention, some elect to avoid the discomfort rather than healing them. The right energy healer will guide the process of clearing energy blocks in a collaborative and gentle manner, making this process easier.

Releasing emotional blocks is essential to clearing stagnant energy and living life to its fullest potential. Without healing, personal and spiritual growth only go so far. For example, a new house built on the same broken foundation will eventually have the same problems. So one must heal in order to grow. Energy healing immerses the deficient areas with positive energy flow in order to facilitate this healing and growth.

When we heal our emotional energy, we increase our capacity for a more meaningful life. The outcome is a deeper connection and more positive relations with self, others, and the Divine. Furthermore, emotional healing contributes to the higher vibration of the earth.

If you would like to clear emotional and energetic blocks by working with an energy healer, check out our SIS Healers. Each one is certified from the Intuitive Healer Training Program and can assist in helping you clear your energetic blocks. They can also provide you with the tools to maintain a successful journey of emotional and energetic healing.

Yours in Healing,