In this competition world, youth fear many things. They fear for the future, they regularly thought that what will happen in the future. Because of what other people think or what will society think about them? They do not focus on the passion that they want to make as a career. And these type of thinking arise fear within them. This is not only happening with the youth but all aged people. This is may lead to a very dangerous situation which we called depression. Fear can be anything. It may be the fear of exam, future, frightening of animals and other insects, fear of family members, etc. People ask me many types of questions on that how to overcome fear. And I have given some answers to them. And yes there is way to overcome fear. First of all, you should definitely know where fear exists. Do you know? Ok, let’s see where the fear exists. “Fear does not exist anywhere except in the mind”. This is 100% true that fear only exists in the mind. More we think then it brings the thoughts in subconscious mind. Sometimes suspicious thoughts may arise within you and if these thoughts allowed to enter within your mind then it leads to fear.

Overcoming the fear

woman doing meditaion Meditation is the best way to overcome fear. It calms the body and emerged confidence from within. The more you meditate, the more you understand that the only way to let go of this fear is by broadening your vision of yourself. Meditation emerges your identity through the consciousness that resides within you. And the second way to avoid fear is faith. These two ideas will become the pillar of your strength to fight the fear. Most of the time incidents happened in the pasts bothers in the present. Let’s take an example. Suppose you are coming to home at late night by road and the dogs barking on you, and run behind you. This is happened with many people. And this is an unpleasant experience. And to avoid such a fear then you afraid to go near the dog. The experiences which are good or bad become our impression and some of these turn into fear. So let your past fear experiences to be in the past. Anxiety happens on regular basis. This snatches your happiness and generates uncontrolled thoughts in your mind. Common thoughts may arise like “What will happen next?” “What I do?” We think more about future. But meditation helps you to control these types of thoughts makes you happy and brings you in the present. Regular practice of Yoga and Meditation helps in physical, mental, and spiritual health and gives all around benefits. Actually meditation is the part of Yoga and deals with mental relaxation and helps in increase concentration. In country like India, people wake up early morning and do Yoga and Meditation which help them to stay active for whole day. It helps them in reducing over thinking and fear.