Being in a lockdown gets us a lot of stress and inconveniences. We sleep worse, work out less and get more concerned about our future. Coping with stress is an essential component of preventing health problems. In this article, we will talk about affordable and effective ways to help quickly relieve nervous tension. Instaskincare is going to show you how to overcome post-COVID-19 stress at home.


Psychotherapy is still not a very popular service in our country, but many people have already appreciated its possibilities. Contrary to stereotypes, this is not just about “talking to an unfamiliar person for money”: a competent specialist can help patients resolve problems with mood and behavior that previously seemed intractable.


Meditation is excellent when you need to disconnect from the influence of the external environment and provide a tired mind with rest. The ability to “turn off thoughts” is essential for residents of large cities who rarely go out into nature or even just in green areas that protect from the metropolis’ noise. Experts point out that even a few minutes of meditation a day gives you a chance to catch up to one or two hours of sleep deprivation and cope with a bad mood.


Yoga is an excellent way intrusive thoughts and muscle tension and stretching in the process classes speed up getting your idea right. It also helps with the metabolism and finding tight decisions in the century where a lot of stress and the lockdown can lead to Fitness, despite chronic diseases and fatigue.

Pleasant Occupations

The things we love doing can be great remedies for our mental and physical health. Enjoying creating viral videos for your Instagram? Do that if you find the occupation helpful. You can also try focusing on your career: if you are a marketing manager, improve your communication, and other skills, so when the lockdown is over you can be ahead of your colleagues!

Respiratory Gymnastics

Respiratory practices can help emotionally to stress due to their character traits, thereby aggravating the situation. Five to ten calm breaths and exhales can save you from rash actions and the habit of breathing regularly. One of the special programs that require only a few minutes a day helps to fight irritability or anxiety attacks.

Sedative Drugs

They are sold without a prescription and are often popular among people experiencing the effects of psychological stress. However, doctors advise using such drugs with caution. For example, “Corvalol,” when taken for a long time, can cause dependence and provoke the development of depression, while other “non-core” pharmacological agents can adversely affect the liver.

Herbal Remedies

They can act as sedatives, hypnotics, as well as adaptogens – agents that increase vitality. These are some of the most readily available anti-stress medications, but their effectiveness depends on the individual patient.

Wrap Up

The remedies we apply to the post-COVID-19 routine can be different: from physical exercises to respiratory practices and herbs. Before using any, please, consider visiting your physician and psychologist. It is significant to stress for your body to start doing any procedures without getting used to that. Take care and be happy!