When we are stressed, our body releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These physiological changes are real poison for your ceativity and can ruin a busy day at work or with your family.

Jean Motell is a french author and musician but also a busy entrepreneur and family man. He made dozen of iconic books (e.g. “Gatecrash” with pictures of Tommy Hilfiger, James F. Goldstein and many others), produced three full length albums this year, runs Scanner Magazine and is also in charge of his own gallery in L.A.

Leading all these projects may cause stress and ruin creativity. But Jean is not concerned by such kind of problems. He lives an happy and creative life, and also experienced amazing things (he drank Champagne with Eva Mendès, chatted with Katy Perry at a party) for a kid joe like him. His work incarnates a positive message : “if I can make it, you’ll make it!”

French Artist Jean Motell
Jean Motell, Photo Courtesy of JMI

This former party crasher turned creative mogul shares with us three simple but major ways to overcome stress and stay highly creative at the same time. Follow the guide.


“If you see a little ray of light, don’t hesitate and go outside, at your window, in your garden, face the sun and close your eyes during one minute, just to feel life through your veins and listen to your body” says Jean Motell.

This kind of micro-meditation, every day, is a simple way to fight stress. You don’t need money to do this and if the weather is awful, keep in mind the one minute meditation routine with closed eyes.


Jean Motell writes everyday. It can be just simple things of common life, like anecdotes. moments, meals. It’s a good habit and very accessible. Forget about instagram stories and write your own story!

“I really encourage people to write. Everday. Like a diary, or a ritual. You can also write what you feel, even if you think it’s cheesy. There is an hidden super power concerning things we write. I used to write dreams, that became true. And when I write about my anxiety, it kills it in away” says Jean Motell.


Sometimes simplicity is a kind of elegance. It’s also a way to focus on major issues, to keep the most important part of your artwork if you’re a musician, to live a more frugal life but intense.

“Keep It Simple Stupid is a major key in my work. That’s why I choose Kodak disposable camera and polaroids when I came into photography. I was very stressed when I began photography, and this choice to use a direct, raw and fun medium was relief. And some of my best pictures are polaroids from this period. It’s quite the same with all projects in your life: focus on the essential, four words can explain the project. If not, you’re not in proper conditions to develop it. Concerning relationships I often use this K.I.S.S. method, with a real kiss sometimes!” says Jean Motell.

Jean Motell lives between Paris and Los Angeles, and he’s the happy father of two childs. Discover his music and find inspiration with his books.