The causes of stress are diverse. One of the most common species is considered stress due to study. This is the name of the condition, which is characterized by excessive tension of the body, while reducing emotional and intellectual potential, resulting in mental illness, a stop in the student’s self-development.

It is during the examination period that schoolchildren and students are massively exposed to stress. The danger of this condition lies in the negative impact on the health of the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems of the body.

Causes of Most often, the appearance of stress provokes a lack of confidence in the completeness of knowledge of the discipline, fear of failure in the exam and the subsequent refusal of a scholarship. Emotional overload is exacerbated by the long wait for the exam, a stern teacher, the complexity of the subject studied, and limited time for preparation. The occurrence of stress is possible: with intense mental activity; lack of interest in the subject; increased training loads; sedentary lifestyle; disturbed sleep patterns; the emergence of fears regarding changes in the situation in the social group. The above factors, directly affecting the nervous system, are reflected in the state of the whole organism.

Also, stress factors in the process of studying students are affected by personality factors, among which: remoteness from parents; illness or death of relatives; Conflict situations with classmates; personal issues; poor health changes in financial position. Important! As some students become students, it’s difficult to get used to dramatic changes. The need to adapt to a new place, established practices, an unfamiliar environment and people, lack of communication with the usual circle of friends – all this can cause stress and provoke a manifestation of a high level of fear and anxiety.

How to warn In order not to bring the situation to a nervous breakdown, at the first symptoms of stress it is worth listening to the following recommendations: Do not underestimate self-esteem; objectively relate to the level of their knowledge; avoid excessive loads; Do not overlook the exam. Before passing the exam, it is undesirable to get involved in coffee, tea, carbonated drinks. It is better to give preference to oranges, bananas, walnuts. Many students know about the beneficial effect of chocolate on mental activity, however, do not forget that its effect is short-term – it lasts no more than half an hour. Important!

A great way to relieve emotional and physical symptoms of stress will be exercise , sports, outdoor activities, as well as talking with friends, flavoring. An invigorating douche in the morning before the exam tonic acts on the body, normalizes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. Preventing stress due to study, it is important for students to: work on a sense of control of the situation; use imagination as a method of mental relaxation; walk more in the fresh air; visit theaters, museums, exhibitions; massage; do sport. One of the main methods of protecting students from stress, which is confirmed by numerous surveys, is considered a dream. For example you can order ghostwriter for a bachelor thesis, if you are can’t do it yourself. So to say, transfer the difficult work to someone else.

This is an excellent tool for restoring strength, raising morale and mood. As an excellent anti-stress medicine, laughter is used. Under its influence, muscle training takes place, headache disappears, blood pressure decreases, breathing and sleep normalize. And most importantly – anti-stress hormones are produced. To normalize the emotional state, there are special techniques to overcome stress. These include breathing techniques , the so-called resource anchoring method and psychological exercises. All the detailed information on their implementation and the correct algorithm of actions can be easily found on the Internet and put into practice.

Consequences of stressful conditions If, during the examination stress, the student, in addition to everything, abuses caffeine, raises blood pressure, the autonomic regulation of the cardiovascular system is also disrupted. If the stress lasts for a long time, it can negatively affect the activation of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic sections of the autonomic nervous system of a person, lead to the appearance of neurosis, lower self-esteem. Vegetative homeostasis is disrupted, the lability of blood pressure changes, a gradual destruction of blood vessels occurs. Increased stress is negatively reflected in mood, well-being, inability to concentrate.

In addition, working capacity, sleep quality decreases, headaches appear. When conducting research, it was revealed that during the exam, the heartbeat increases, blood pressure rises , and psychoemotional overstrain occurs. And even after the completion of the examination process, when the stress decreases, in order for the indicators to return to normal, it will take a certain number of days. The negative effect of stress in the student’s life in some cases entails the use by students of alcohol and medications in order to counter the current circumstances. This, in turn, can lead to serious addiction and exacerbate an already difficult situation.

Conclusion Stress is a common problem. Faced with it are both primary school students, high school students, and university students. The main thing, if there is a problem, is not to despair, because there are a considerable number of effective methods with which you can avoid or completely get out of a stressful state. A healthy sleep, an active lifestyle, quality rest, a solid confidence in yourself and your knowledge – you can forget about stress.