Losing a job is one most frustrating moments in our lives. We can lose our opportunities in the job market due to our actions or employers’ decisions. Despite the circumstances that make us jobless, it is essential to dust ourselves off and emerge victoriously.

Losing a job can make us run into stress or depression. When we receive a termination letter from our bosses, we must check our next step to avoid harming ourselves. We will get to know how we can cope in moments of job loss in this blog.

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I am a victim of job loss in 2020 when Corona hit every nation in the world. I had worked for three weeks only in that company, and the employer couldn’t sustain a couple of us, and we had to go home. It is one of my lowest moments since I was born. I felt hopeless, but life had to continue. I implemented the following tips to handle my job loss;

1. Courage to move on: First, I accepted that I had been sucked, and I was jobless. Sometimes, we get into a cocoon of denial when we experience loss. But to come out of the situation, I had to accept the reality. When I accepted that I didn’t have a job, I got the courage to move on with life. It was easy for me to seek new opportunities as soon as possible.

2. Budgeting: I downsized my budget. After accepting that I was no longer employed, I cut down my budget. This is because I didn’t have any other source of income, and I had to settle my bills- I had to eat, dress, and have a shelter. I had to work with the little I had saved to keep going before getting another job. As a result, I made up my mind to buy the basics only and avoid extravagance spending.

3. Updating Skills on LinkedIn: I also updated my resume and LinkedIn account. It allowed new employers in the job market to notice my availability. I refined my skills in the resume such that new employers couldn’t resist hiring me. In my LinkedIn account, I updated that I was seeking new opportunities available in my area of specialization. It gave me a chance to reconnect with new employers who invited me for interviews.

4. Searching for New Opportunities: Lastly, I started applying for jobs. After updated my resume, I went on and searched for new opportunities on different platforms. I wrote cover letters depending on the job posting and attached my resume. I sent as many job applications as I could find until I got a new job.

Losing a job is painful, and no one wishes to get there. If we find ourselves there, it is crucial to know how to deal with the situation to avoid running into depression. We should accept our state of joblessness, mind our spending, work on our resumes and LinkedIn accounts and start applying for the new opportunities we find.

When we do so, we will finally get new jobs that will put smiles on our faces.