We’re not only sitting in a new year but a new decade, it’s the perfect time to look to the year head and plan for the future. Planning is one of the best ways to ensure you meet any goals you set, so in the post I have put together several ways to help you plan for a successful 2020.

Do Not Make Resolutions

It seems like a pretty standard thing to do at the start of any new year, but resist the temptation. The issue is, more often than not our resolutions only set us up for failure and lead us blindly towards nothing specific, or towards something much too specific to ever be a realistic long term goal. It only leads to failure and that is not the feeling we want for ourselves in 2020. Instead, try setting smaller monthly objectives for yourself and make note of them in a diary or journal. Lay out how you will achieve these on a monthly basis and remember to check up on yourself regularly to track your progress. Making your goals more attainable will keep your motivation levels up, helping you to reach your targets regularly.

Live In The Moment

We have spent the last 20 years as technological slaves to this thing we know as the internet and, more recently, social media. In 2020 try striving to be more present in the moment. Instead of living for likes and social media approval rates, live for the here and now. Carry the memory in your mind and do not stress over whether you managed to get it on to your grid, in the perfect square, with the ‘Aden’ colouring just right.

Look to the Future First

The aesthetically pleasing symmetry of ‘2020’ alone, makes it the perfect time to start anticipating the decade ahead. Whilst it is already here, it is never too late to start planning the future. An interesting way to gage what the 20’s may hold for you is to start things off with a tarot reading. Gaining an insight into what the year may hold for you, can help guide you where you want to be by this time next year.

Take Responsibility 

To be successful in life you cannot be afraid of responsibility. You need to be in control of  what matters, and your life should definitely be on the top of your list. Whilst it is important to remember to not get stressed out over what you cannot control, it is equally worth noting that some realisation as to what you can control, is worth it. For example, you are not able to control whether you will be hired for the new job or put forward for the promotion, but you can absolutely put yourself in the best possible place to make you the most ideal candidate for selection.

Success might have previously been defined by a bank balance or job title, but in 2020 let’s define success by having the chance to spend your time and energy on the things which matter the most in life.