When it comes to making plans for the weekend, no one is more indecisive than me, says Georges Chahwan. Hard decisions like what should we do tonight or where should we eat can sometimes spiral into hours of serious contemplation. Usually, by the end of my deliberation (and after consulting with my friends/roommates), I decide on an activity that allows us to enjoy the evening weather while eating delicious food and keeping costs down.

If you ever want to debate something until the sun comes up, just bring up “where to eat” in front of a group of people who love food as much as I do. After spending so much time thinking about where to eat, I often decide to go on a search for the best new spots in the city. Sometimes this means going on a Google quest or searching my trusty Zagat’s app. If it’s a hot day and we’re feeling lazy, I send out an email to friends with polls attached of different outdoor cafes that can accommodate our large group.

Having the ability to freely switch around activities is great because all of my friends are smart and well-rounded people who have interesting opinions about everything! It’s nice being able to bounce ideas off each other without feeling like there will be any hurt feelings or harsh judgments involved, adds Georges Chahwan. The most important thing about making plans is focusing on the final result – whether it’s relaxing with a few friends or trying to impress your date, it’s about creating an experience that everyone involved will enjoy.