It is not necessary to have a thug soul or be rich so that you like boxing and want to learn how to practice it.

Relatively little practiced (mainly by men, it must be admitted), boxing is paradoxically one of the most popular and well-known sports in the world, since it is freed from all political and cultural boundaries.

The principle is very simple: two opponents in a ring surrounded by ropes, with gloves and even a helmet, whose objective is to knock out their opponent following rules that are sometimes less known by the general public  (quality of the opponent on the ground , very close bodies, etc.).

Do you want to dedicate yourself to it professionally and win tournaments and money or just fight to vent and know how to defend yourself on the street? There are many options for boxing.

Unfortunately, many like this sport, but few cross the line. Are you among the faint-hearted or can we put you in the ranks of the brave?

We hope nothing stops you from fulfilling your passion. You can sign up for a gym that has boxing classes, but if in your city there is none or you just prefer to learn on your own, you can also learn at home.

Let’s explore the opportunities that are available to learn to boxing from home. You’ll see, it’s much easier and more common than it seems!

Is it really possible to start in boxing at home?

At first, everything plays against the learning of boxing at home and in favor of more conventional learning methods … But it’s just an appearance!

While it is true that in a boxing gym you will benefit from the advice of a coach, there are many alternatives for boxing at home, in a comfortable way.

In boxing, we must know how to separate the fight, that final confrontation that should always be our objective, of training, which can be done in many ways. Of course, it will be difficult to organize a fight between two experienced boxers at home.

On the other hand, there are several ways to prepare for it or simply train from the bases to perfect:  shadow boxing, sparring, bodybuilding, cardio, punching bag … These are exercises that can be done, almost anywhere, and do not always require to a classmate.

Are boxing books useful?

In the past, the first thing that came to mind to learn a subject was to read books on the subject. It is an old instinctive reflex that has allowed many generations to learn a new foreign language, gardening or poetry…

It is clear that today we have the advantage of having new technologies. But, anyway, to familiarize yourself with boxing in the theoretical field (which is very important and even seems inevitable), you can consult some quality titles:

  • Training of combat technique and tactics.
  • Basic manual of Thai Muay Thai boxing.
  • Complete manual for the practice of kick-boxing
  • Fitness Boxing. Boxing training to be in shape.
  • Boxing techniques.
  • 60 days for a superior MMA: a complete strength and nutrition training guide to become stronger, faster and more powerful.
  • Boxing & MMA: Bases of physical training.

With a few clicks, you can buy and read at home, but you can also go to your favorite bookstore!

Do you want to find boxing lessons check this review?

The wealth of e-learning for the fledgling boxer

The Internet has allowed many people to discover and deepen a passion they could never have achieved without these revolutionary technical means. It can go from sewing and embroidery … to boxing, according to the tastes of each one!

The websites of people who are passionate about boxing, such as blogs, will be of great help, but do not forget to consult encyclopedic pages, which have sometimes surprising content, as is the case with the Wikipedia article on boxing : there are many explanatory drawings that tell you the fundamental techniques, including the rare ones.

Jab, crossed, cross (right) or direct, crochet or horizontal hook, uppercut or hook up … Learn everything, it will be a good start! In addition, all defensive positions also appear, making it a real gold mine to diversify your boxing skills.

This theoretical presentation, of high quality, you can complete it with other pages dedicated to boxing, which in general give advice and recommendations as you have to warm up the jaw or relax the hips.

These are small details that would be hard to tell if you learn completely alone!

Use a teacher at home

This is undoubtedly the best solution to learn boxing at home:  find a good personal trainer. It’s a luxury you will not regret!

The only requirement is to have enough space and  have the necessary equipment to organize a boxing class at home  that, to be effective, should be as improvised as possible. Otherwise, what you can do is go to the teacher’s house or to a gym fully equipped for boxing.

Remember that the first lesson in most cases (especially in cities) is free, as a test. Do not hesitate to ask for references to your coach and inform yourself about them (opinions of former students on the Internet, reputation in the neighborhood, etc.).

A good coach should not be just a professor of boxing, but should be an excellent teacher and know how to explain things, even difficult ones, so that everything becomes clear to you quickly.

Your sense of observation should allow you to detect the slightest fault in you to correct it as soon as possible; your touch will be the best way to make you improve without any quarrels, since trust affects morale as much as initial motivation.

This tailor-made learning guarantees rapid progress by having an experienced and informed, safe and effective person. You will enjoy your own experience and will share many tips with you!

Audio boxing classes to do exercises

This is by far the most common method, ideal for those who want to start boxing in a self-taught way at home.

In fact, watching videos on YouTube or other portals is much more fun than assimilating the theoretical concepts and is  completely  free  (with the exception of some paid sites, from which we can spend absolutely given the many free solutions available), unlike of resorting to a private teacher who, although very effective, beneficial and fruitful, is quite expensive.

In addition, social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to name only the most used) are the ideal place to exchange good offers, quality links and impressions.

Finally, there are few channels that offer a home-based training program for beginners from start to finish with logical progression and precise order. Most of the time, you will have to choose, a task that can be relatively difficult for a beginner. Google Videos can help you!

We recommend that you watch the video of a particular exercise, then reproduce it and put it into practice. With the appropriate equipment, of course: rope, gloves, punching bag…

You can do shadow boxing that everyone can practice anywhere, even on vacation and without equipment! It consists of fighting with a ghost adversary, ideally in front of a mirror to observe your movements. But even so, it is necessary to have enough theoretical and technical knowledge to realize your failures and correct them at the moment.

Boxers Forums

If your environment is the only person interested in boxing or you do not know anyone who practices it, consult digital portals of the community of boxing fans will help you choose the videos to watch, the best exercises to do, the correct programs that You must follow and  ask questions.

To progress, but also to maintain your motivation during the first days, it is essential not to isolate yourself!  This is where the virtual world can help you find support.