Self-care is essential to maintain your sanity and live a healthy lifestyle. The high demands and pressures of daily life can sometimes make you feel trapped and exhausted. So it’s crucial that you take the time to indulge in the occasional self-care practices. Though ‘indulge’ is not the right word in this context.

If anything, self-care should be mandatory. Not in the sense that you feel obligated to do it. But in the sense that you feel inclined to because you need it. If you’re looking to feel more invigorated and ready to tackle whatever comes next, then you need some self-TLC!

So here’s a list of daily self-care things for a busy schedule that you can do right at home.

#1 Take a long relaxing bath

Nothing truly beats a good relaxing bath with burning candles and soothing music. Can’t schedule a spa day? Make your own spa at home. You have everything you need right where you are. So no need to break the bank to give yourself some much-needed TLC. Draw a bath, light those ‘decorative’ candles that you’ve been hoarding since Christmas, and pick a nice, comforting playlist.

Disconnect from everything for 40 minutes (or 30, who am I kidding, the water will be freezing cold by then). Let the music lull you to a state of comfort and elation. Or at least until you realize you’ve fallen asleep in your bath. But seriously don’t do that, or try not to! Let the warm water (or scalding hot, how I prefer it, yes I am a demon) stimulate your blood circulation.

Focus on the titillating aromas from the scented candle. Let them take you to far exotic places you’ve only heard of before. Relish in the present moment and let go of all your worries. I like to think that there’s nothing in this world that a long bath can’t fix. So allow yourself the time to enjoy this exquisite and unparalleled experience!

#2 Cook a nice hearty meal or indulge your sweet tooth and BAKE!

If you view cooking as a chore then maybe skip this one. Although you may want to give it a chance. If you want to benefit from the ‘self-care’ side of it, you gotta go in with a different perspective. Instead of thinking of cooking as something you have to do, choose to cook something that you like.

For anyone cooking for their families, you might not always get a say on what dishes to make. So pick something you’ve always wanted to make or that you always found interesting. Cooking can be incredibly therapeutic. So when you’re not running around trying to check every item on your to-do list, you get to relax and focus on something else. You have fun, you unwind, and in the end, you get a nice meal out of it.

#Pro tip: If you want to avoid the additional anxiety from making a mess, just clean as you go. A 20-minute recipe can quickly turn into a disastrous kitchen if you don’t do that. Eat your salads and protein to stay healthy but have a cookie every now and then to stay sane.

#3 Put on a face mask

Skincare is a great way to kick back, relax, all while nourishing your skin and showing it some much-needed love. Face masks are always a sun self-care practice to get into. But with so many options available, choosing the best option may be a challenge.

Luckily, at Biodash, we’ve got your back! Our LED Skin Rejuvenation Mask is the answer to all your clear-skin prayers. This all-in-one professional at-home mask, invented by American dermatologists and engineers is aimed to solve all of your skin problems.

Combining cutting-edge technology with the convenience of at-home treatment, you can treat your skin to get rid of spots, blemishes, acne, as well as wrinkles. This face mask is truly revolutionary. It’s trusted by doctors and celebrities alike and will save you so much time and money in the long run. It comes with three different LED colors, each with a specific use.

  • Red LED light boosts blood circulation and stimulates skin cells to release collagen for a smoother and more supple texture.
  • Blue LED light is targeted at acne prone skin. It helps eliminate excess sebum and bacteria under the skin. In addition to that, it also reduces skin sensitivity and irritation.
  • Orange LED light is ideal for detoxifying the skin, getting rid of impurities, and promoting healthy rejuvenation for a youthful glow.

While you wait for your face mask to do its magic, listen to a podcast, or watch a movie. You can even clean around the house, which brings us to our next self-care practice: decluttering.

#4 Declutter your home and your mind

Nothing can stress you out more than a messy living space. When your home is cluttered, everything feels cramped and by extension frustrating. Perhaps it’s not one of the most obvious self-care things to do at home. Nonetheless, a neat and clean environment is crucial. It’s an instant mood and energy-booster. You will feel much more productive and happier when your surroundings are tidy.

It seems like such a drag at first, having to sort through piles of clothes and papers and books. But the end result is definitely worth it. You will also feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment after decluttering your home. Cleaning can be therapeutic. Something to get your minds off of things, or just clear your head altogether.

#5 Whitening Kit at Home

If you have a busy schedule, then chances are, you can’t afford making the lengthy trip to special clinics for a whitening treatment. Not only will you need to go through several appointments, but between the driving and waiting, it’s not worth it.

Balancing a hectic schedule with personal obligations can take a toll on your mental and physical health. So the best way to take care of yourself all while tending to your commitments is to squeeze in daily self-care practices wherever you can.

With Biodash, you can now get a beautiful smile (at the professional level) in the comfort of your own home. This whitening kit combines the most advanced technology with ease of use to suit all types of grill, even the most sensitive.

It uses blue light therapy to whiten your teeth and red light therapy to support gum health. This kit will not only save you the time and hassle of making appointments at a clinic, but it will also provide you with amazing results in record time.

Will you be implementing any of these daily self-care practices? Let us know in the comments below!


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