Going through a difficult period in your life can affect your overall outlook on life. Rather than letting temporary events leave you feeling depressed or anxious, keeping a positive mindset will encourage you to create welcome change. Here are a few tips for staying positive when your life events don’t go as planned.

Escape the Victim Mentality

One of the biggest reasons people have so much difficulty escaping bad situations is that they take on a victim’s role. When you accept that you’re a victim, you’re giving up your ability to change the situation. Instead, take responsibility for those circumstances, so you’ll be able to determine how to change the outcome.

Meditate Daily

When you meditate, a couple of different things happen to help you attain a more positive mindset. First, the act of clearing your mind and focusing on the moment helps reduce the stress and tension you’re feeling. Reduced stress helps you look more objectively at the situations in your life, which brings you to the second benefit of meditation. As you meditate, you may discover solutions to your problems that you hadn’t previously considered.

Look for Positivity in Your Life

No matter how bad things may seem, you do still have positive things in your life. When you take the time to look at your life’s current state, try not to focus on the negative aspect of things. Instead, look for positive changes that have also come along. Focusing on these positive influences in your life will help you bring more of that to you. When you feel gratitude for having positivity in your life, you’ll be more open to receiving more of it. Sometimes it can be helpful to recite thanks for the good things in your life, whether you do this before eating dinner or bedtime.

Many people believe that we attract more of what we focus on in our daily lives. If you dwell on the negativity in your life, you may be attracting more negative forces towards you. Taking on a more positive mindset will bring more good things into your life by the same token. If you take the time to recognize these feelings consciously, you’ll have the power to bring the changes you want into your life.