Nowadays, COVID19 is the most trending topic, and due to this virus, a worldwide lockdown had been announced. Some people are happy because they don’t need to go to work anymore. On the other hand, health workers are working consistently by risking their lives. According to research, 20% of health workers have been infected by COVID19 and some have even died. The World Health Organization is taking measures to protect them from getting infected while handling COVID 19 patients. So, it’s an urgent topic to be discussed because they’re the ones fighting on the front lines to keep us safe from this horrid pandemic.

Protection of Mental Health Is Crucial Says Michael Giannulis

COVID 19 is not just harmful to physical health but also for our mental health. Due to this Pandemic situation, a lockdown has been initiated as a result of which people cannot go outside their houses; hence, it has destroyed our social life. What about health workers? Health workers are working consistently for extended hours each day due to a heavy workload. Health workers are working on low wages to protect us, but these things are affecting their mental health. Therefore, it is necessary to give them proper guidance to cope up with stress and anxiety, get proper sleep and rest, and they should be motivated every once in a while.

Provide Proper Safety

The safety of health workers is the most crucial thing to be concerned about. COVID19 is a deadly virus that spreads through physical interaction and even through the air, so it’s crucial to provide the best quality face masks to them. A COVID19 patient can also infect the health workers, so frequent sanitization of hand, body, and the hospital is necessary. It’s also essential to provide them suitable training and guidelines so that they’ll be able to use the kits and equipment effectively and efficiently.

Increase the Recruitment of Health Workers

COVID 19 spreads through the physical interaction of two bodies, so increasing the recruitment of health workers can be a great idea. As the number of health workers grows, the workload of the present health workers will decrease and hence, they’ll receive proper vacations and treat more patients rapidly. Investing in the recruitment and training of dedicated health workers will be a great resource to help cure COVID-19 patients and in fighting against this pandemic.

Work Hours Should be Examined

According to Mike Giannulis, work hours affect the mental health, clarity, and understanding of a person. Health workers are working for an extended time and hence they’re not getting proper sleep and diet. Irregular work hours cause anxiety among the health workers which can cause aggression and mental illness. So, suitable work hours should be provided to health workers. Also, in order to relieve them of physical and mental agony due to long hours their work hour should be divided into shifts.


Just as the armed forces protect us from national war threats Health workers protect us normal people by fending against these diseases, hence they are the most crucial elements of our society, so it is our duty as fellow citizens to make them happy and celebrate their services. The pandemic is not over yet, so always follow all the safety guidelines for your safety and also the safety of all others around you.