Smart TVs have come into our lives, and they seem like they are here to stay. With the improved and adaptable watching capabilities, they offer their owners. Smart TVs will only grow in popularity as time passes, eclipsing, and phasing out traditional TVs.

Smart TV prices in Bangladesh alone are super cheap and affordable, giving any user access to one despite their economic capabilities. Brands like Pentanik are here to cater to everyone, not just high-income earners.

However, we have a lot of screens at hand. These are not the 1960s when people only had to worry about black and white TV screens ruining their retinas. We have phones, tablets and computers attacking our eyes in addition to our Smart TVs vying for our attention.

This can be especially dangerous since they all emit that blue light famous for keeping us addicted to our screens while hurting our eyes at the same time. So, how can you protect your eyes from Smart TV rays?

Eye Protection Methods

Enlarge the images on your screen so that you can see them easily. If you have a small TV, zooming gives you the option to have the objects on the screen. And they are as close as possible. As such, you do not need to squint to identify the objects on the screen.

Adjust the lighting on your Smart TV. These days there are a variety of options, from the Cinema option, which is bright to more Standard options that do not transmit as much light to the eyes.

There is even an Eco option that is both eye-friendly and environmentally friendly. The good thing is you can have your brightness settings low but still see the images on your screen quite clearly.Place the TV at a suitable angle and distance. Do not place the TV too high or too low from your sitting position. Neither should you set it too near or too far away. If you do this, you will strain your eyes and end up hurting yourself.

Place the TV at least 5 inches below you at a distance that will not cause you eye strain nor muscle strain when you are watching.

Buy protective eye gear. There are many options out there of glasses that do not pull at the eyes but prevent blue light from passing through. These are convenient options, especially if you plan on bingeing on a whole series at one sitting. Furthermore, these glasses are affordable and easy to get.

Take breaks from watching. If you are streaming a program on a Smart TV, you have the option of pausing. Do this often instead of being seated in front of the TV for hours.

Take breaks so that you can shut your eyes a little or walk around to give your eyes a break. This will go a long way in protecting your eyesight.


Smart TVs are here to stay, and that is a cause for celebration since entertainment-on-demand never hurt anybody. However, you do not need to damage your eyesight in the name of watching TV. Follow the protective measures above, and you will protect your eyes long enough to witness the next wave of innovative programming options.