Michael Giannulis

As we all know, Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a very deadly virus that did spread throughout the world in such a brief period. Due to COVID-19, millions of people lost their source of income and suffered a lot. There are different physical symptoms of coronavirus, like fever and cough. This virus is not only harmful to our physical health, but also affects our mental health, but no one is talking about it. Therefore, today in this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 ways to protect your mental health condition from coronavirus.

1. Turn off Your Television

News channels give priority to negative news because we’re psychologically attracted to negative points. Most of the information provided on television is from sensationalist sources; hence, we don’t need to believe in them blindly. But due to a regular dose of negativity, this affects our mental health terribly. So, it is better to turn off your television and give rest to your mental health. Instead of watching television, you’ll do something more interesting, like playing a game that is directly proportional to better mental health. Also, don’t use your mobile phone for extended hours because the blue-rays can affect your sleep and directs you towards anxiety and stress.

2. Perform Some Physical Work Recommends Michael Giannulis

Our mental health will be only well if we take care of our physical health. According to research, you can improve your mental health through regular exercise and meditation. Deep breathing affects your mental health positively. Apart from that, it would be best if you sleep for 7-8 hours to make your body and mind function properly. Eating healthy food and avoiding the intake of toxic products like alcohol and tobacco will magically enhance your immunity. Primarily during this pandemic and lockdown, you can utilize your time for meditation and reading informative books that will make you mentally healthy and stable.

3. Deal with Your Anxiety

Nowadays, anxiety is a prevalent mental illness. Mike Giannulis suggests you create a journal to write about the positive things happening with you. You can also make a gratitude diary where you can write five positive things you have completed on the whole day. It will provide you positive vibes and program your mind subconsciously to eliminate anxiety and improve your mental health. Besides that, if you already have a mental illness, get proper medication through your therapist and add humor to your life. You’ll able to see the positive impacts on your brain just after one month of practice.


So finally, you’re here! Now you know all the methods which can enhance your mental health. Taking care of both mental and physical health is necessary. Due to this pandemic, our social life is affected negatively. People used to eat a lot of junk foods all day in this lockdown; that’s also the reason they are facing physical illness as well as mental illness. But now, you’re fully prepared to enhance your mental health, and activities like meditation and deep breathing will help you.