Now that winter is here in full swing and it gets dark at 4pm every night, it’s easy to feel sad or depressed and not want to do anything. But to help brighten winter’s coldest days, here are a few items that will carry you through to the spring.

Boston-based psychotherapist Angela Ficken created the fun and easy-to-use Holiday COVID Coping Kit: Gain Control of Your Emotions and Manage Stress this Holiday Season ($9.99). This kit contains a few simple exercises you can do when you’re feeling stressed out and need a little relief.

Drs. Marty and Wendy Jordonov designed the Huggaroo Neck Wrap Microwavable Heat Pad ($35.99) which helps alleviate headaches and muscle tension. It’s also a perfect accessory to warm up on those frigid winter evenings.

Following a sugar-free diet doesn’t have to be tasteless. Health Coach and entrepreneur, Omar Cumberbatch shares his favorite family-friendly recipes in his newest cookbook, The Art of Sugar-Free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living ($19.99). With more than 70 recipes, there are dishes for every taste and diet.