For most people autumn is a period of special emotional stress. But this does not mean that absolutely everyone gets depressed. It all depends on psychological features and the perception of reality. The more rational a person evaluates themselves, the less they are prone to such a condition.

Autumn depression (and “depression”) can manifest itself in varying degrees, ranging from mild despondency to a sense of despondency and denial of any affairs. So what should we do so that the depressed state does not turn into depression, and depression does not lead to terrible consequences?

Help from the experts

It is not always possible for a person to figure out their psychological problems on their own, and search engines often not only do not make the task easier but aggravate it when a person puts their own “diagnosis” and tries to “cure” it according to the recommendations of “experts.”

If you have a problem, it is best to deal with it under the supervision of a specialist. And even if you imagined problems with mental health, a visit to a specialist will set the record straight and save you from unnecessary worries.

New impressions and positive emotions

In the autumn period, it is especially important to start the morning not with a sad look out the window and shuffling steps, but with a cup of delicious tea or coffee, chocolate, and your favorite music. This will help you get a useful charge of vivacity and positive emotions for almost the whole day.

Have you long wanted to start learning a new language, learn to play a musical instrument, have a pet? So do not put off your dreams, desires, and plans for tomorrow, but go towards them today. After all, autumn is a great time to make discoveries and beginnings, the results of which will undoubtedly make you happy.

Remember, however, that positive emotions are not necessarily connected with something new. Sometimes, on the contrary, you need to remember something from the past in order to feel warm feelings. Watch your favorite movie from childhood or adolescence, run the PS1 emulator and pass the game that you could not pass 20 years ago, reread a book, which at one time turned your life upside down. 

Appreciate every sunny day and as soon as the sun looks out, try to put aside all business at least for a few minutes and go for a walk. If you still do not have the opportunity or time to be outside, make sure that the sunbeams reach the room and warm you.

Learn to enjoy even the little things – it will help much faster and easier to cope with worries and problems. Try to find something good every day, for example.


Scientists proved long ago that exercise significantly increases the production of “happiness hormones” – endorphins that help improve well-being and mood. Choose the sport that you like the most. It does not have to be sports that require a lot of endurance, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. You can do relaxing yoga, dance, aerobics, and also achieve improvement.

Exercise helps to quickly get rid of accumulated negative emotions, normalize sleep patterns, as well as improve the efficiency of many organs and body systems. In addition, even a small but regular exercise will allow you to always keep yourself in shape, look slim, trim, and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

However, do not start abruptly with complex exercises and torment your body with heavy and intensive training. For starters, a simple morning workout or jogging will be enough.


Fall is not a good time to diet. Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and protein foods, combined with the stresses that arise in response to food restrictions, are one of the main factors in the emergence of depression. Don’t deny yourself and eat what you want. But, of course, within reason. Remember that fruits and vegetables must be a part of your daily diet because they are rich in vitamins, which are essential in the autumn.

The environment of your home

On those days when the weather does not allow you to go out and take a walk, pay attention to the environment of your home.

Cozy and comfortable space each person defines for themselves differently. From the psychological point of view, the most appropriate colors to create such an environment are warm tones of bright colors, which have a positive effect on the mood. It’s important to determine which color suits you and you like more than others. Sometimes this feeling can change depending on the season or mood. In this case, do not be lazy and arrange the interior of the apartment according to your preferences.

Think about what you can change so that every minute spent in the house will bring you only positive emotions. Maybe it’s time to rearrange the furniture, hang new curtains, change the wallpaper, etc. But perhaps global changes are not necessary and it is enough to buy some accessories, decorations, pictures which will please you with their appearance and remind you of something pleasant.


Perhaps the most reliable and proven source of positive emotions is relationships and communication with loved ones, friends, and relatives. During an autumn exacerbation, there is often a desire to stay alone and not talk to anyone. In fact, this feeling is deceptive. After all, human beings are social creatures, and they can only be truly happy when they feel closeness and trust in the people around them. Have joint walks with friends as often as possible. Go out with them on nature, barbecue, and sing your favorite songs around the campfire. And remember – no alcohol. Such drinks do not help to get rid of depression, and only aggravate the situation.

So if you are overcome by sad and negative thoughts, do not try to cope with them alone. Share worries with family, friends or relatives, because any difficulties are much easier to overcome together.

In case of depression, psychotic attacks, or psychosis, it is very important not to keep silent about your condition and not to tolerate it. If such mental disorders last for more than a month, you should immediately contact a specialist who will determine what kind of therapy you need and help you to overcome this condition and prevent a relapse.

Remember that the world around us is much more beautiful than it seems, especially if you are open to new experiences and uncharted paths. Endless possibilities are lurking inside every person. Do not be afraid to implement them, and then not only the fall, but the whole life will bring you joy, happiness, and real pleasure of new achievements and discoveries.

Featured image by Ivan Kuznetov/Unsplash