How To Quickly Stop Second-Guessing Yourself And Trust Your Instincts So You Can Stop Without Wasting Time... Dre Baldwin

I fired a staff member yesterday. 

I’d been thinking about it for 2-3 weeks. Which meant I fired them 2-3 weeks too late. 

Any time in my life I’ve considered eliminating an entity from my life — releasing an employee, ending a business partnership, quitting a job, disconnecting from a romantic interest — I ALWAYS ended up actually doing it. 

The issue is how long it takes to turn my consideration into action

I thought about it, re-considered my decision, allowed my fear of change and my unwillingness to deal with temporary inconvenience to add time to my decision. 

None of that ever helped the situation. If anything, it helped me gather even more reasons to support the decision I’d already made. 

You have some things in your life and career that you’ve been thinking about doing. 

Actually, you’re done thinking about it — you know that it needs to happen. You just haven’t, you know, done it yet. 

You will… eventually. Just know: all that time that you allow to pass while you delay action? 

You don’t get it back. 

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