How To Rapidly Build Personal Value and Have Security So You Can Never Be Replaced... Dre Baldwin

If you quit your job today, how many people could step in and do what you were doing? 

If you’d never written your book, how many other authors could have written it? 

What, if anything, do you do that no one else can do? How tangibly clear is this anyone other than you? Can you prove it? 

Fungibile: able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable.

There’s an inverse relationship between the number of people who could replace you and your value in the world. 

The more fungible — replaceable — you are, the lower your value. The opposite is also true: the people, places and things that don’t have substitutes can name their own prices. 

I think about this every time I go into a retail business and a minimum-wage employee gives me an attitude because I made the mistake of forcing them to do their job. 

I could learn their job, and do it better than them, with about 20 minutes of training. 

They couldn’t write my books. 

The fewer the number of people who can do what you do, and the harder it would be for them to learn even if they wanted to, the more you are worth. 

You don’t have to strive for non-fungibility in everything you do. I’m an easily-replaceable editor, cook, house cleaner and singer. 

But, do make yourself irreplaceable somewhere. It’s not just about money, though that surely matters: your irreplaceability is your security in life. It’s the aspect of your being that you can always rely on to produce value. 

I wrote The Seller’s Mindset to help you take that irreplaceable value and communicate it to the world so you can produce returns — which means you can always get what you want. 

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