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LeBron James was on the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2003-10, and again from 2014-18. 

During both stints in Cleveland, the Cavs became (at the start of LBJ’s career) and / or were (the entire second stint) a great team. Always on TV, a big draw on the road, competing for championships. 

Cavs games were must-watch events when LeBron was there. 

When LeBron was absent from Cleveland — 2010-14 and since leaving again in 2018 — the Cavs have been less-than-good. 

With this information alone and simple deductive reasoning, you could go as far as to say LeBron is the reason why the Cavs were good. They’ve been bad without him. 

Yet and still, I’ve never heard LeBron announce or even allude to this. 

He’s never made light of the fact that, for the better part of the 21st century, the Cavs being good or bad always coincides with his presence or absence. 

But it is true. It’s obvious — so much so, that it doesn’t even need to be spoken. 

Contrast that with a statement I heard from one of LeBron’s friends, NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ for short). 

Beckham was on LeBron’s The Shop show a year or so ago, speaking his peace after being traded to the Cleveland Browns from the New York Giants. 

The Giants hadn’t been very good in OBJ’s time there, having a winning record only once. 

That record is not OBJ’s personal fault. Position football players (everyone outside of the quarterback) have much less say over the wins and losses of a team than do basketball players. Winning in football requires a true team effort, always. Each player can do no more than his personal job. 

Which is why it surprised me (but not really) when OBJ said that he, himself, was the only reason the Giants had been “relevant” while he played there. 

Football isn’t basketball. You don’t get full credit for the wins, nor do you accept blame for the losses. Individualistic thinking like what OBJ vocalized isn’t abnormal for the wide receiver position, but it’s not helpful to a group. It’s one person putting himself above everyone else. 

Fellow wide receiver Antonio Brown went on that same LeBron-hosted show and said similar things about his ex-teammates after leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

What’s interesting to me is how LeBron, the most decorated and accomplished team sport athlete playing right now, never does this kinda stuff — yet he sits on The Shop and co-signs it from his athlete associates who don’t have 10% of his achievements and never checks them on their BS. 

That could be an entire article in itself. 

What I aim to get across here: when you’re really That Guy or That Girl in what you do, like LeBron was/is for the Cavaliers, you don’t have to say it or even allude to it. It’s obvious. 

If you have to announce it on IG, or go on TV to explain how your claims are accurate, the problem is in your performance: you didn’t make it obvious enough via results. 

What’s worse, your friends — who are conscious enough to never make the same mistake you’re making — don’t feel comfortable enough to let you know how foolish you sound. They just let you keep talking. 

Who in your life is empowered to “check” you to your face? When’s the last time you talked to them? 

I wrote The Mirror Of Motivation to help you take some of that personal accountability upon yourself — which means you don’t need someone to check you as often as others. 

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