The important discussion around mental health is continuously growing. More and more, people are finding the help they need and solace in friends, family, counsellors and therapists. Whether it’s professional or personal help, there’s never been a better time to air your most sincere grievances and share your deepest concerns.

You’re also able to help those in need too! There’re many things you can say or do to turn someone’s day around and change their outlook for the better. But what are these things?

Consequently, here’s how to reach out to someone who is struggling with their mental health.

Invite Them Out

When people are struggling, some like to understandably distance themselves from their issues. Talking about the things that upset and bother them in their own home might feel a bit too much. After all, their home should be the place they go to when they need to relax, unwind and enjoy their leisure time. Try not to raise any serious discussions there.

Instead, invite your struggling loved one to stop by your home. Head out to the shops and get their favourite foods, put their favourite TV show or music on at home, and try to get them talking once they’re inside and settled with you. They might just open up that little bit more when they can see you’ve gone the extra mile and created a safe space just for them! 

Offer Help Patiently

It’s also the case that sometimes problems can be so big, people just need time to process them and figure out what they’ll say and how they’ll say it when they share their feelings. In that instance, try not to be pushy with your own offerings of help. Once you’ve let them know you’re there for them, the balls in their court to come to you when they’re good and ready.

Be patient and comfortable with any silence or lapse of communication between you both. It’s okay to be worried, but once you’ve offered a helping hand, it’s really up to them to take it or not.

In the end, they may just appreciate the fact that you respect their boundaries and are giving them time to work up to the conversation, if and when it occurs. Just because there isn’t a constant dialogue, it doesn’t mean you haven’t reached out effectively.

The Power of Personal Cards

Cards can actually be incredibly thoughtful if you use them properly. If your friend or loved one has fallen on hard times, you can write a long and touching message inside, avoiding brief well wishes. This shows that you’ve really made an effort with your words and are keen to convey your support unfiltered and in full.

Furthermore, if your struggling someone was made redundant at work, a card can still work wonders. It shows that they were valued in the workplace, that they’ll be missed, and that at least they have some great relationships from their job that can be carried forward into the future. Companies like Card Factory have cards for all occasions, so make sure to send one out so that the person you care about has a long-lasting memento of your love and care!

There’re many ways to reach out, and your friend or loved one will no doubt respond to some better than others. Be willing to be flexible and supportive with your time and efforts, and your friend will surely feel loved and supported in no time at all!


  • Brenda Elazab

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