How to Rebuild Your Year After Breaking Your Resolutions with Cassie MacKenzie

In 2009 my New Year’s Resolutions included:  do a striptease class, learn how to shoot a gun, and join a kickball team (not necessarily in any particular order).   

I only accomplished one of those, and hurt myself in the progress! 

I have set resolutions nearly every year of my life, and guess what? I’ve broken them within the first couple of weeks, sometimes days.   Can you relate to this? 

After becoming a life & manifestation coach and working with other women who know they’re destined for more, I’ve come to uncover why this happens.

They’re not setting a true Intention.

You can set your arbitrary date to start your diet or stop eating bread or stop eating dairy, or start taking your kids to the park. But you’re most likely going to drop it like it’s hot if you don’t have a real emotional connection to your decision.  Think of this as that burning desire and joy at the thought of accomplishing this goal, rather than a wishy-washy statement of “maybe I’ll stop drinking on 2nd of January,” as you thrust your glass of Veuve in the air.

When you set an intention, you’re making that declaration that you’ve decided in your core that the times are finally changing.  Things are going to be different for you, you’re really raising your standards.   You’re prepared for the ups and downs it may temporarily bring, because you know the finish line is super sweet.  

For some this may be fully deciding “enough is enough” and they are only going to only date people who really show respect.  That may mean being single and spending nights on your couch with your dog and Netflix – and be okay with that.  

For others, they may decide their time is so valuable that they’re only going to spend it doing things that make them feel good.  All the comforts of your current friend groups may go away, so the more aligned friendships and people you can calibrate up to show up in your life. 

You may declare that you are going to say “No” more often, people-pleasing behavior be damned! 

Once you make that decision and declare your intention to the Universe, God, all the angels, and Oprah, everything inside of you starts getting behind it. You’re declaring this is the right move, even though it may not be easy.  It may ruffle some feathers, people may not understand, and others may not even be supportive. 

The magic happens in this space, though.  Everything inside the Universe all co-conspires to start magnetizing you in the direction of what you want.

For example, last spring my husband and I decided it was time to relocate to St Petersburg, Florida, so we could live the beach life again.  We had moved from San Diego and really desired that same beachy city feel, which St. Pete Beach definitely has.  

My family did not understand nor agree, but I knew that was part of the risk in making this decision.  I was prepared for that, even if it was tough and disappointing to deal with at times.  I mean, we are only human – not robots!  

Within 3 months of making that decision and setting the intention to move, my husband was offered a job.  We found the perfect house on the first try, got our offer accepted and were homeowners only one month later.   Things happen quickly when you have absolute clarity about what you want and set the intention to go for it. 

Listen to your heart and make those declarations to live a happier, more purposeful life.  

Choose two or three areas of your life, and begin to imagine what they could be like a year from now.  What if you had a long list of places that you visited, or what if you found your perfect partner or that new, beautiful house that you’ve wanted? 

A year from now when you’re looking back on 2020, what is the story you’re going to be telling?  You can begin that story today, and your future self will thank you for it! 

So what is that new vision of your life you’re going to live?  It’s not too late to become the kind of person who ends 2020 massively celebrating.

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