Everyone dreads becoming burned out, especially when we are working from home. Spending all day in your home office and being bombarded with the added stressors of home life and the pandemic can quickly accelerate burnout. It’s so important, now more than ever, to reconnect with your passions. Whether you love to knit, paint, cook, or travel to keep your stressors at bay, you can use those passions and hobbies to keep your stress levels low and to help you quickly recover from burnout. 

Challenge Your Stressors with Positive Action

After you’ve identified the cause of your stress, you need to take swift and effective action so the problem doesn’t continue to arise. Make a list of positive actions you can take whenever you feel stressed. If you find yoga to be relaxing, take a few minutes when stress comes knocking to meditate, go through a few poses, or practice your breathing. Find what brings you joy and relaxation and incorporate it into your plan for battling stress. 

Find Joy in Your Own Creativity

Burnout can make your passion for something lose its meaning, especially when you feel physically and mentally exhausted. Whenever this starts to become the case, try something new you think you might like. Focus on the positives and find joy in simple tasks that you excel in. Did you just bake bread from scratch? Or did you create something beautiful with your hands? Regardless of what brings you joy, focusing on small accomplishments can go a long way to battling burnout and bringing you more happiness. 

Be Your Own Measure of Success

Burnout tends to hit faster and harder when you start comparing yourself and your accomplishments to others. This sensation can quickly become overwhelming, however it’s important to recognize that getting caught up in your comparisons will never help you succeed. Focus on how you are moving forward each day. Small accomplishments lead to enormous goals, so it’s important to only compare yourself to yourself and how you are personally growing and progressing. 

Dedicate Time to Your Passions

If something truly makes you happy, you need to set time aside every week or even every day to participate in that hobby or task. Do you feel like a rockstar when you cook an elaborate meal? Commit to making time each week to whatever it is that makes you happy. This will keep joy in your life and stress away, making your recovery from a burnout much more successful and fulfilling.