When I was younger, I envied the people that had total clarity about their purpose in life. They wanted to be a doctor and knew that they were going to be a doctor and did everything required for that. And I used to think I was totally flawed because I liked so many different things. I would get totally excited about one thing one day and fall in love with another activity the next. And, of course, my family really wanted me to find my “calling.” Well, I didn’t find a calling, but I found a way to have a purpose in life that works amazingly with who I am.

In my coaching practice, I have learned some tools that work wonderfully when you are in a similar space where I was—feeling inclined in a few different directions at the same time—and these tools can help you understand (and appreciate) that it’s okay to not have it all figured out in just one direction or profession. Like they did for me, these tools can help to make your life a fulfilling and fantastic one. 

Here are some ways you can rediscover your purpose, removing any projections from the mix:

You are not wrong. You are just different. You can still find your purpose, even when you have been told otherwise. Being someone who loves many things isn’t wrong. It’s okay to discover your purpose on your own path, even if it’s different from other people’s.

Try. We have been told that we have to decide what we want and then stick with it. What if you could just try things before committing? You can try online trainings, internships, or even volunteer work before deciding to commit to something. You don’t have to talk about it or list it on your resume, but it will give you clarity for what you like, and what you dislike.

Follow what you love. Picture yourself waking up in the morning at the start of an awesome day, and you are just lucky to be you and in the place you are—you feel amazing, your day looks great, and you are ready to jump out of the bed and get moving! Can you picture that energy? Well, that is what your life can be like if you start choosing the things that get your heart beating faster. If something makes you feel light and cheerful, then choose that, and soon you will begin to uncover things that you didn’t even imagine existed for you. On the flip side, if something feels heavy and abysmal, it might not be the best idea for you, even if it is something others are choosing. Remember, your mind cannot create your future. If we could control our lives just by thinking, you would have an amazing one by now, right?

Add more to your life. I know that everyone has told you to focus and choose one thing and to commit to it. I have news for you—when you are the kind of person who loves many different things and you hate monotony, pursuing many interests and activities can help you find what you love and enjoy most. Doing so allows you to stay actively interested and keeps boredom at bay. It might take you more time to become an expert in one field, but once you grasp where your purpose lies, you will move forward in that area in joy.

Look at what is so easy and joyful for you. Give reflection to the areas where you have strengths that you might overlook because it either comes to easily to you, or you think if it’s something you’re good at then everyone must be good at it.

We think our purpose has to be something grand and heroic, while at the same time thinking that just one person can’t possibly make a difference. What if you’re wrong? What if doing more of what you enjoy and what comes so easily to you is exactly what will create the most for you and everyone around you? What is something that only you can bring into the world? What difference can you make in the world while enjoying your life?

You don’t have to choose just one thing as your purpose to create an amazing life. And if you feel the pressure of your colleagues, your family or your friends to find that “one” thing for you, just know that you’re doing the work you’re supposed to do. And that in at the end of the day, your purpose in life is to be happy.

With over 20 years of experience in executive roles within world class corporations, Elena Blanco is a skilled communicator and negotiator. She has created and lead high-performing teams and successful business strategies both in the public and private sectors. She is an entrepreneur, with an international practice where she coaches others on how to change their lives for the better. She is a Being You facilitator, a special program of Access Consciousness, and a business coach with an MSc. in Economics. Her unique combination of corporate experience, coaching and entrepreneurship, along with her passion for creating a greater world, gives her the capabilities to empower others to create more in their lives and businesses.