The sudden change in the circumstances all around the world due to the pandemic has been overwhelming for a lot of people. One major change has been the work from home tangent in our professional lives. Even though this work from home system ensures our safety, it is extremely new and puzzling.

Working from home entails disruption of social life, stress, and anxiety. There is no human who can provide the certainty of physical, emotional, financial, and mental well-being.

Servo Stabilizer advises us to fight these mental health monsters with the aid of meditation. Meditation has been useful for every individual, dealing with strenuous situations. But how should one use meditation to scare anxiety and stress away? Here’s how:

Meditate to shut down inner chaos

Inner chaos is unavoidable, but it can be kept at bay with meditation. Chaos leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Meditating helps you get over your inner chaos and allows you to be at peace. Accept the fact that chaos can only be controlled with meditation; breathe in the space to settle your chaos and breathe out to release tension.

Meditate for anger issues

Anger is a part and parcel of anxiety and stress. Your body and mind get worked up due to heightening unrest. This causes you to release stress through negative outlets like anger. Meditation gives you an outlet to release built-up stress. Do not try to fight with anger using meditation, rather understand your emotion and become more aware of it.

Meditate for guidance

Anxiety often stems from uncertainty in life. Sometimes we get lost and are unable to find the right path. Here, meditation can be used to achieve quietness, which helps you find the right path naturally. You can begin by visualising your favourite path; it can be a forest, a beach, or a city. Then, allow your mind to look for answers or guidance towards the right path.

Meditate for good health

A healthy mind equals a healthy body. Anxiety and stress can have harmful repercussions on your physical well being. It can lead to high blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches, and damaged sleep cycles. You can visualise the affected body parts and imagine them healing and relaxing.

Meditate to Attain Lucidity

Stress can suppress our happy thoughts and target our clarity. Confusion and obscurity take the reigns of our minds in their hands. To escape, you need to slow down and give your mind space to think about every vague thought. With meditation, you focus on the big picture and ignore the smaller, useless details.

Meditate for self-love

Self-love has the power to fight everything which affects your mental health. At times, we forget to have faith in ourselves, allowing anxiety and stress to rule over us. Meditation is a way of loving yourself and giving your mind and body the calm it requires.

Meditate to feel emotions

Emotions are meant to be felt and deciphered, not ignored and bottled up. Meditation gives you a medium to understand the storm of emotions you are feeling. Begin with understanding one emotion, without labelling it.

Meditate to gain perspective

Due to stress and anxiety, we block all instances of formulating a new perspective towards life. Gaining a new perspective requires us to be mindful of everything around us. Mindfulness meditation allows you to use your senses and instils awareness.

Meditate for anxiety relief

Anxiety can be exhausting. Through meditation, you can get an insight into your true nature and can control the effects anxiety has on you. You can seek help to train in deeper meditative practices. Getting rid of anxiety completely requires a deeper ability to acquire silence and quietness.

Meditate to understand the natural flow of life

Forcing life to work according to your will can lead to anxiety. Meditation urges you to let life do its work and accept the natural flow of life. Think of a goal and see how it is fulfilled rather than your excessive efforts directing its path.

It is not a piece of cake to fight stress and anxiety. However, with some meditation and a lot of belief, this phase shall pass. Though meditation cannot tell you if work from home will cease soon or not, it can surely provide you peace and, fortunately, in abundance. A peaceful mind can overcome anything, even a pandemic!