In such hectic routines and the pressure of day-to-day life, coupled with the fact that vacations are near and project deliveries, it is normal for us to have certain moments of accumulation of tension, generating the known stress. In this article, the founder of TamilGlitz helps you learn how to reduce stress at work. 

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“Experts treat stress not as an illness but as your body’s response” Says Rahul Bala, one of the founders of TamilGlitz.

He further adds “It is true that situations that are caused for a long time and generate discomfort and fatigue, make it easier for us to have a greater load of stress, generating even more load for the day to day. Although stress is not an illness, it is important to note that it can become one”.

How to reduce stress at work?

  1. You need some stress to do your best;
  2. Discover a hobby;
  3. Think about good things;
  4. Breathe deeply;
  5. Rethink the elements that generate stress;
  6. Practice tolerance;
  7. Reflect on your daily progress;
  8. Turn on the parasympathetic nervous system; and
  9. Take Breaks

You need some stress to do your best

When we feel very pressured, we usually say that this kills our creativity, however, not having a deadline in any of the desired deliveries influences even more negatively in their daily lives. Ideally, you should identify acceptable delivery dates according to demand.

Furthermore, even though we are full of activities and projects to develop and thus become more stressed, we hate to feel bored and have nothing to do or think about. We need to be constantly on the move!

When an athlete has her rest day, she tries to ‘disconnect’ and renew her energy as much as possible, because she knows that this is her moment of rest. Be like an athlete and whenever you can, set aside to rest and renew your energy.

discover a hobby

Identifying points where we can discount our stress generated throughout the day makes it lighter. An example is playing a musical instrument or reading a book. When you identify that you are very stressed, do something you enjoy.

think about good things

Just thinking about what is going wrong or the wrong attitudes of others will not make your day lighter. At the end of your workday, make a list of all the good things that have happened during your period and focus on those items each day. Put into your routine, creating this list, this helps alleviate anxiety in your work environment.

Breathe deeply

Count on your breath! Taking a deep breath oxygenates your brain and thus gives you a feeling of calm and tranquility. Working with your breath is the most powerful method for lowering your stress and calming anxiety when delivering projects.

Rethinking the elements that generate stress

Do you know all the elements that create stress in your day? First of all, identify them and even more, identify why these items make you stressed, sometimes it’s just your way of noticing things that are wrong and thus generating a high stress for yourself.

Identify what you can do differently today about these stressors. But it’s not just worth thinking about them, you need to act differently in the face of situations.

practice tolerance

Sometimes in the heat of the moment and influenced by a high level of stress, we end up acting with no tolerance for our neighbors and when we realize this action, we realize that it has already been done and there is no going back.

In any company that you are going to work in, you will find that being tolerant is a very necessary virtue, because when we are stressed, pressured and need to get out of our comfort zone, we are more susceptible to mistakes.

Reflect on your daily progress

Even if no manager recognizes your development, do it for yourself!

Write down in a diary, for example, the activities you developed during your working day and question what you learned from them. What is the positive and negative side of that situation, after all, there is always a positive and negative side. After you talk to yourself and understand what happened, understand what was done well and can be maintained and what was done that was not so good and can be done in a different way.

Turn on the parasympathetic nervous system

The Parasympathetic System, the part of the nervous system where neurons are located in the brainstem and is responsible for stimulating calming actions.

These actions are:

  • Deceleration of heartbeats;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • The decrease in adrenaline; and
  • Blood sugar.

By activating your parasympathetic system, you will be communicating to your body that it is time to rest. One idea is to practice yoga , for example, or tai chi chuan and meditation.

take breaks

Working for hours without stopping, few people can and taking small breaks throughout the day, such as getting up to go to the bathroom or filling the water bottle, will help to create a relaxed moment in your day, making it easier to resume activities without increasing your level of stress at work.

After these nine tips to reduce stress at work, you need to know the software that will help you in the DU-e process !