How satisfied are you with your life and career? While happiness can be fleeting and transitory, the concept of life satisfaction is much more broad and complex. And at its core, life satisfaction is a highly personal concept, stemming from a number of factors.

According to psychologists, an individual’s overall satisfaction with life stems from “your own cognitive judgments of the factors that you consider to be most valuable.” Those factors can encompass everything from work and recreation to personal relationships, health and wellness, and more. 

Unfortunately, those aspects of our lives that bring us joy and fulfillment often have a darker flipside. For many of us, daily life, as well as the activities and people within it, can induce a multitude of stress, worry, and frustration. And as most working professionals are well aware, the stressors of everyday life can take a dramatic toll on our bodies and minds, perhaps culminating in a slump that’s difficult to climb out of.

If you find yourself disillusioned with life or unfulfilled by your career and personal life, it may be time to reinvigorate your life. You may need to find new sources of motivation and inspiration, and/or toss out the people and places that no longer serve you. Let’s explore some of the best ways to motivate yourself and cultivate vitality, in order to lead a life of fulfillment and happiness. 

Look for Inspiration in Everything

When depression or long-lasting feelings of longing hit us, it can be hard to stay motivated. Yet we still have deadlines to meet and a schedule to adhere to, so we can’t let disinterest or a lack of inspiration stop us from meeting our goals. 

Interestingly, our best sources of inspiration may come from seemingly ordinary sources — our morning cup of coffee, taking the dog for a run, or watching our favorite movie for the hundredth time. To spark inspiration and motivation at the workplace, finding a sense of engagement may be your key to success, just like is done in classroom settings. Peer-led workshops and learning communities are two engaging activities that can help ignite your positivity and motivation while on the job.

Keep Negative Thoughts and Self-Talk at Bay

Getting things done requires quite a bit of cognitive fuel, and motivation is only the beginning. We must also learn to fight off negativity when it comes calling: For example, when an inner voice tells you that you’re not good enough, that you’ll never get promoted, or find that special someone. Unfortunately, that negative voice can be difficult to ignore, but it’s not impossible, especially if you have the motivation to fight back.

It may sound silly, but repeating a positive affirmation every time you experience a negative thought can make a huge difference to your mindset. It’s important to note that most of us will only feel the effects of positive affirmations if we make sure to repeat them as often as possible, verbally and in written form. Repeating positive phrases leaves little room for negativity, and can help bring on a greater sense of fulfillment.

Make Time for Self-Care

Positive affirmations don’t always work for everyone, but the good news is that you may be able to reinvigorate your life by utilizing another tool, such as self-care. You may be under the impression that self-care involves things like manicures and spa days, and thus wary of trying out self-care techniques. Yet there’s no need to be skeptical. 

While manicures are indeed a form of self-care for many individuals, the true beauty of self-care as a method is that its meaning is up to you. Maybe your personal form of self-care involves getting rowdy in a mosh pit at a metal show. Or perhaps you prefer a more serene self-care environment, such as a quiet fishing trip on a private lake. 

Whatever your definition of self-care, it’s essential that you find lucrative ways to overcome the mental and physical fatigue that often stems from a lack of personal fulfillment. To help spruce up your life, you may want to combat this fatigue via a combination of self-care and the creation of an established sleeping schedule. A well-rested mind is better prepared for further forms of reinvigoration, such as ridding yourself of negative thoughts.

Get Rid of What No Longer Serves You

Whether you bought into the recent Marie Kondo craze or not, it’s hard to argue with the basic tenets of her message. Of course, we can’t expect every aspect of our life to “spark joy,” but we can learn to identify those that bring us down, and rid ourselves of that negativity. You may want to take a long, hard look at your job and the emotions associated with it.

Perhaps, after years of hard work and determination, you finally landed a coveted corporate job. You enjoy the handsome salary and benefits package that goes along with your corporate role, but maybe you’ve discovered that your happiness has taken a hit. 

If that’s the case, it may be time to break free from the corporate world and look towards other interesting career options that are more fulfilling on a personal level. The freedom of freelancing may be enticing if you feel stifled by the inherent structure of corporate-level positions. Conversely, if you’re looking for a more collaborative and casual environment, consider joining a startup. 

Key Takeaways

Motivation is tied to personal fulfillment, and both are necessary tools towards achieving our higher purpose. Your personal conquest of excellence is impossible if you feel unfulfilled or stagnant, and you’re the only persona who can make it right. Bringing joy and child-like wonder back into your life takes work, but you may find that the quest for fulfillment is a rewarding endeavor that provides tangible results.