All the tensions and pressures that we experience daily at work or even with our loved ones added to the different responsibilities we have, make us experience a situation of stress, which is a kind of reaction to all these aggressions. Stress is a manifestation of everything that has been stored up as critics, worries and so on. It is expressed by stress. But it can also be an apprehension of a project that must be carried out, an examination, a speech and so on. Throughout this section, we will see how to put an end to our stress once and for all.

Learn to breathe: Few people take the time to breathe well. This is to inhale very deeply and slowly (through the nose), then to exhale also very deeply (by blowing only), up to its maximum. So, take the good habit, every night, when lying down, and every morning on waking, to breathe deeply 15 times (15 breaths and expirations). Likewise, when you have to do something that you dread, make some deep breaths. This will allow you to evacuate all tensions. Take care to do this exercise carefully because it is very important.

Do physical activity: It is important, to be able to evacuate all the negative energies related to stress, to practice physical activity. Indeed, by venting, it allows rejecting externally all the tension that has accumulated deep inside us. If you have a pushing ball, I invite you to use it daily, tapping on it 5 to 10 minutes each day. Otherwise, run for 10 minutes or swim daily. You can, however, choose any other physical activity as long as it lets you out.

Listening to music and watching funny clips: As the Baal Chem Tov says, music is the feather of the soul, it soothes it, cradles it. Of course, it is not about hectic music, noisy or otherwise, but soft and calm melodies. It is, therefore, necessary to devote a moment in the day (even 1/4 h) to listen to melodious and sweet music. Also funny video clips can relieve steress within a short time. And the best way for this is to find an online community like bemorepanda where you can view funny related content based on different topics, such as; animals, food, health & fitness, ashion & beauty, movies & tv, music, nature, science & technology, travel,  astrology etc. Apart from this, you can also share this content with your friends, like Video, Images, GIF, Memers, comment and upvote them.


The hot shower: Of course, to relax and relax and therefore to relieve stress, it is recommended to shower in hot water (not too hot either), every night before bed, for at least 20 minutes. This allows for relaxing the muscles of the body, to release them. This “practice” contributes in a large part to remove the stress that has accumulated.

Improve your self-confidence: Very often, we stress because we are afraid of not succeeding something, we doubt ourselves and we panic. That’s why the recovery of self-confidence allows removing this stress related to apprehension of spoiling our activity whatever it is. To do this, read the section How to develop your self-confidence? 

Take care of your body: Taking care of yourself, to have a healthy lifestyle, it reduces stress. For that, it will be necessary to sleep about 8 hours a day, to have a well-balanced diet: rich in protein and carbohydrate. It would be good, every morning, during breakfast to take a bowl of cereal with milk (or milk chocolate), to drink a fruit juice. In the same way, every day, it is advisable to eat 2 to 3 fruits. Also, it is good to take 3 tiles of chocolate each day. Likewise, in the morning and evening, it will be necessary to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. All this contributes to the suppression of stress since the good maintenance of the physical has positive repercussions on the psychic.

Do not take everything seriously: A very good advice to help you eliminate stress is to avoid taking yourself seriously. It is not a question of behaving lightly, but it is a question of not paying attention to the various remarks made against you. Pretend that this does not concern you, do not take it to heart. Likewise, be cool with people, joke with them, be relaxed and laid back. Also, when you hear a negative event or something that really challenges you, try immediately (before starting anything) to look for positives in these events. Then try to relativize them by imagining a situation where it could be worse.

Then, try to express it orally to a loved one, Finally, from time to time, listening to comedians, laughing from time to time, this is important to relieve stress. This 7th method is also very powerful if you take care to apply it well.

How to deal with stress at work:

Work-related stress is a hangover from our prehistoric past. When our brains were first wired up stress was a way of diverting energy away from non-essential maintenance tasks while our bodies dealt with the immediate issues whose outcomes were either life or death. To resolve these issues our prehistoric body had only two options, both fuelled by adrenalin.

stress at work

Stress was the adrenalin-fuelled trigger that switched off all of the bodies maintenance functions to allow it to concentrate one hundred per cent on the current emergency. These support functions are all vital for normal healthy development but are not completely essential while being pursued by a Woolly Mammoth or saying good morning to a Sabre-Toothed Tiger. If these maintenance functions are left switched off for too long then the body begins to break down and suffer real medical issues as a result.

For our ancestor’s stress was a healthy thing that allowed us to perform at our optimum in emergency situations. The reduction in the level of adrenalin that accompanies the resolution of these emergencies was the signal for the body to turn these normal maintenance functions back on.

Today we encounter stress in our work situations, normally as a result of the behaviour of other people. It is these situations that trigger the release of adrenalin. Thus when we become stressed at work it is most likely to be a result of the way that someone else is behaving towards us.

Our prehistoric self would resolve the situation by indulging in adrenalin fuelled activity, like fighting the person or running away. Both of these would still work as a way of using up the released adrenalin and both would allow us to get on with doing the year-end accounts.

Unfortunately, in today’s workplace, it is no longer permitted to hit someone across the back of the head with a stone axe because they are hogging the photocopier, or poke them with a pointed stick because they were less than complimentary about the jacket we chose to wear.

These solutions have the great advantage that they would use up the adrenalin that had been released by the stress. This would switch the bodies normal maintenance functions back on and allow us to return to work calmly and entirely free of stress, until of course, they came with a brand new jacket, one with sleeves that tied at the back, to take us away.

The normal response that is permitted to any level of provocation in the office will simply not allow the violent action that might turn off the stress that the provocation caused. An acceptable response to the jacket situation might be, “I respect your right to hold your own idea. Thank you for informing me.” After that, step quietly away to the photocopier which has by this moment become free. Outside, calm and serene. Inside, images of blood and axes as our prehistoric programming tries to get us to perform the violent act that will turn off the stress.

But we are no longer allowed to be violent and as a result of our stress, instead of being a healthy tool that allows us to perform to our absolute limits in emergency situations, has become a pernicious demon that is gnawing away at our vital functions.