As you step into more leadership isn’t interesting how much you worry, doubt yourself and feel all of this resistance come up?
But that is the point. All that pain shows up as your greatest gift. It’s awesome feedback for you to see what is there. Pain simply means possibilities. However in our societal programming we are conditioned to run from, numb or PUSH through pain rather than heal it. We therefore miss the opportunity to grow and transform our lives to even greater than our wildest dreams. We hang on to the pain which creates suffering. It leaves us feeling stuck in the same seemingly endless cycle of resistance and struggle to “get what you want”.
‚ÄčIt’s time to shift it. And it starts with awareness.

Why am I worrying so much?
Why am I doubting myself?
Where is that coming from? 
What is there for me to learn? 

Now you can get curious. All these questions elevate your frequency instantly. You shift playfully from the energy of fear to the energy of creation. As a strong leader you can do that for sure! Ask questions. It is that simple and fun too.  Drop the judgement and see what comes through. Just notice and bare witness to all you see. It may seem like second nature to drop into an old pattern of shaming or judging yourself. “Agh, how could I think that? Why am I so insecure??!!” Does some form of that self beat down soon familiar? Here’s the thing; shame energy is a low frequency energy too. Your goal is to shift to a higher frequency so it’s clear now that the shame or guilt is not going to get you where you want. Drop it and then magic happens. You dissolve the worry, heal the pain and step through the door into the next greatest expression of your purpose. You evolve as a leader.
These are some of the tools I have learned in my evolution from the pain, struggle and resistance that showed up for me on my journey. 

Watch my quick training video here (under 10 minutes) for more:

‚ÄčIf you are feeling like you want to move a shit ton of energy so that you can step into the next level of expansion in your life and business then reach out.

There are a few simple ways we get to start:
My “Back to the Future” Meditation is so powerful for isolating a specific stress node that you have been carrying for years and releasing it. 
1 session, 60 minutes. 
There is also my Soul Spa Treatment which is literally like an energy exfoliation. I wrap you in a field of support and together we lift the heavy energy that doesn’t serve you in order to reveal your radiance. You are renewed and ready to create like a powerhouse.
3 sessions, 90 minutes.