Reflection of clouds during a sunset. Image credit – Thesnapwalk.

Different compartments of your brain has their own specific things to perform apart from interacting with each other. This is divide and rule policy.

Active and enthusiastic people run the day. They tend to perform better in an organizational set up and often influence others. Many people find being active and enthusiatsic is just the matter of age or the log phase similar in a sigmoidal curve. I would rather not agree on that as compared to specific exmaples from history of sports, movies, science and arts. Apart from that business sector has also seen individuals with potential and activeness which defy the concept of age and youngness in the individual. Mind has some deep rooted concepts which we believe and governs our thinking. Let’s take an exmaple, you have a meeting at 7 am in the morning. To reache the destination, you have to start at 5 am from home. But, this is not the usual time you wake up daily. You will notice, you make to the meeting just in time. You are sitting quietly during lunch time and just thinking about what you just did. Then you think you can make it a habit. This is called small steps for large well being in future. This is motivation as a whole and thoughts rush in if you have some passionate feeling about your work. 

Let’s break it little bit more. How often do you come across the word passion during studies, work or some other areas. One of the believe people have is, it is not about financial security. You just have passion. You can do it for nothing. That’s again debatable. Nobody does anything for free. There are some exceptions to it though. In a setting where students, employees or the business world is interacting, the word ‘Passion’ signifies something else. Not the passion you have while you were in 5th Class or schools. Those times were to build your interest and keep you engage constantly. After sometime, as we understand little bit of how world runs with financial, social and other spheres of human civilization, we need to develop the passion to higher level for larger mass. 

Being a school kid, you might remember that you were good at drawing, playing some instrument, or playing a sport really well. These kind of hobbies, passion are not with everybody now. While of you take approximation, more that 75-90 % of the students used to have some hobbies they would rely on that time. Soon, many gave up for some or the other reasons. Reasons beside, the question is why? It singles out or pints out to one and only one answer. Your believe based on your situation. At this point, your decision making capabilities play a lot of role. You may be good at many things. But you have to invest your 100% energy, to carry forward and do better in one of these activities. Not all. A saying goes ‘Jack of all trades, Master of None.’

Ok, we break now the ice with real answers. Why do you need better productivity? Active and engage words you understood from above paras. Human civilization has travelled a far and is still travelling for healthier and better world. Be it sciene or arts, human civilization improved its way of understanding each other and rise to common good. The most inpsiring one is internet as you connect and read stories, see other people and get motivated for do better with what you have. To keep this running, your productivity is important. Not only, it will benefit you and direct related family members and friends. It indirectly shapes the future civilization. One or the other way, you matter. There is a certain amount of time you are given to do a task or you promptly take a task. Here, task refers to a job, work or a phase of life for more than a year. Being a student, you tend to drop excitement over the years. You lack interest gradually and develop another exciting feeling for another sphere of work. This happens more often now a day and goes so frequently, due to social media exposure and access to more information. It has both benfits and side effects. I don’t have to explain this here. That itself is a topic on its own.

To do good for you own which can benefit others is Passion in other way. This might include financial incentive. So this is constantly evolving and people are understanding what works well for them. But to keep that consistent, you need to be active and engaged. That activity should be so special for you to keep you engaged. Here are some ways to keep yourself active throughout your days in a task or worklife or student career , which can give better results over time.

Explained ways:

  1. Take a good care of yourself first. This means, you should lay down plans and schedules which works well for you to execute the tasks without disturbing your priorities. Plan and Execute. One step at a time.
  2. Have place for critical views and observations on your work. This helps you to improve and be better and better. This doesn’t mean to dissolve your own view. One saying goes ‘ Listen others, do your own’. It is called collecting the statistics and to increase no. of samples for your improvements. When you have several reviews about yourself, then you form your own set of criteria for improvement. This is basedon the assumption, we are never correct  and we constantly eveolve together.
  3. Even negative result is a result. When you see negative result against your hypothesis, you draw out some amount of energy you were investing previously. You need to start thinking differently than others. take it an opportunity to develop understanding. These results are like basement for a building. Focus on the path it leads and hang on to improve on yourself.
  4. Interact with people and colleagues from inter-disciplines. This kind of interactions has always shown to be prodcutive to get another prospective out of what you always see. Imagine, you show your scientific work to an artist or a singer. They might not be able to criticize your work. Apart from getting reviews and comments from your own area, when you get some prospectives outside your known zone, you tend to invest in a better way. As whatever you are doing is for betterment of society as a whole. Remember, above it was discussed many people at their childhood used to have hobbies and interest. That can trigger some good thoughts.
  5. Divide and Rule. You have heard this so many times and it has produced good amount of significant results. Just divide your time and energy to the work or the works you have planned for the day. Without a plan or schedule, you are just going to beat around the bush. To get straight and just focus on what you need to invest on, start to have a plan for the day ahead of the day. I simply do it prior one week or prior one day also works fine. You will save a lot of hustle in the last moment type work and can enhance the quality of work you do.
  6. Whatever happens has areason type. This thought is THE best when it comes to being optimistic and move forward. Being postive and looking optimistic after several set backs takes a lot of courage. Imagine the trees during spring. They know they are going to be covered in snow after some time and will be leafless. They are prepared. They just face it and stand dormantly. After the snow is gone, theey shine bright and big with leaves. Just smile down what you are doing. Some people say, ‘you are anyway doing it. You can do it with a smile‘. This takes the added stress off your brain. Your brain sees the data or the present situation in a much more focused and better way.

Of course, there are other ways you can add on and get inspired from your friends who are hard working. You ned to have some kind of fuel that keeps your engine on and working smoothly all the time. You will have to refresh yourself also. You are not a robot either. Even robots need some hiberbnation time to work. Smooth down on yourself while you are busy with daily schedule. Enjoy whatever you do. It is like your food and travel. It is the basis of human community and you too will be benefited.

Lastly, an empty mind is a place for evil ideas. So keep yourself engaged in some activity which can help others or you. One example, reading an article and story inspiring you can enhance your vocabulary and sentence phrasing skills. We all are constantly developing and can never be 100% perfect. So be natural in whatever work you do and remian focused to reach high standards in terms of quality. At the end, you will feel better. That is what is my intention.