As you know, we are the best and only sit with the best. Today we have Abby Roberge, the young, talented and handsome stand-up comedian that has stolen the hearts of comedy lovers from Los Angeles, North America and across the world. He is among the best comedians you will ever see perform. His talent is astonishing and his humour is so unique and entertaining it hurts. It is a great honour to be able to interview him and we are beyond excited to share the questions and answers with you.

Q: Why do you think your fans love you so much?

A: Haha that is a hard question. First of all, I am grateful for each one of them. Their support means so much to me. I would not be where I am without them. I can’t say why exactly they love me because everyone has a different reason for loving something and sometimes there is no reason, the heart just wants what it wants. I love making them laugh. I get fulfilment from seeing people entertained. I think when you do something out of passion there is always a great reward and their love is one of the rewards that I deeply appreciate. However, I have had fans tell me that they thought I had a unique way of telling stories that makes it funny, interesting and mind challenging which they really love but that is just one person, different people could have different reasons.

Q: Did you ever think that you would be able to achieve what you have achieved so far?

A: I always dreamed big as a kid but if I am being honest I didn’t think I would achieve all that I have achieved now. It even amazes me that I am determined to achieve more because even what I have now is beyond what I thought was possible. I grew up in a small commune in Vancouver so achieving all this was basically a fairytale. Now that I have, I feel motivated to do more. I worked really hard when I was much younger. First, as a doorman for about 7 years and in the spare time which I barely had, I would perform even with no pay at times. Everything I went through has shaped me and even though I didn’t think I would get this far, I owe it to my younger self to do greater things.

Q: What projects have you been working on recently?

A: About a week before the pandemic started, I launched Melrose Podcasts together with my partner Ari Mannis. We have had amazing support from a lot of people and it has become a success in such a short time. We have worked with some major podcasts such as Call Her Daddy, Freakenomics, Barstool Sports and NPR. We will soon be making a podcast network and are in the works to work with some major podcasts in the world which I am very thrilled about.