Enterprise Architect, Entrepreneur, husband, father, writer, there is little that Praveen Donepudi cannot turn his hand to, it seems. With multiple authoritative and informative articles and pieces published in Scopus Indexed Journals, Praveen began his career as a writer as an overflow from his ‘day job’ as IT expert, enterprise architect, and finance and marketing guru. But his written work is not only academically sound: he also writes technical books along with teaching kids on Artificial intelligence, IOT and machine through fiction story all over the globe.

His success as an academic writer stems from his in-depth work on computer systems especially in the fields of IOT, AI, machine learning and neural networks. Internet of Things, or IOT, refers to the connectedness of devices, not necessarily computers but devices, sensors and the like that use the internet in order to function, improve their offering or keep up to date – think of things like GPS devices, smart fridges (any smart home appliance) and assistants like Siri, Alexa and so on, while artificial intelligence or AI chases the dream of achieving computer intelligence that can interact with humans in a natural and believable way. Machine learning and neural networks – the latter being rather like artificial brains that can compute and intuit in very human ways – use complicated algorithms which are designed to ‘learn’ from each interaction or experience. An early example of this is the chess-playing computer which started out merely knowing the basic moves, but made adjustments to the consideration of each move, to the point that the machine could beat the human grand-master in time. Of course, the algorithms – and, in fact the computer devices themselves – are now much more advanced! Donepudi has worked in these fields for years and has reached a point where he is a recognized and highly respected leader in the varying industries associated with his work.

Donepudi ensure that he stays completely up to date with his fast moving industry, thriving on living on the cutting edge of technology and being sufficiently advanced in this as to be able to write with authority and offer measured peer review to the journals where he has found a home on the board.

This is all a far cry from the dreams of his youth, when Praveen Kumar Donepudi dreamed of being a famous athlete! And yet, that was not his only dream. Praveen also dreamed one day of passing along his love of learning and stories by writing for children in such a way that they would embrace new ideas and critical thinking without even realizing that the engaging and fun story had an underlying moral message! This dream has been realized, as evidenced by the lengthy list of publications to his name, both in fiction and non-fiction, written for adults and children respectively.

Praveen was born and lived – in his early years – in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh , India, before attending Don Bosco Public School and then going on to Bharathisdasan University where he achieved a master’s in computer application. His working life began at Miracle Software Systems Inc. as a Senior Software Engineer. This was a mere stepping stone, going on to work at top tier companies such as Tata Consultancy, Cognizant and Infosys amongst others. His work is intense and demanding – but Praveen thrives on success, working hard to achieve his target deliverables with a strong sense of satisfaction at a difficult job well done.

When not working, Praveen loves to travel with his family, seeing all the beauties of nature and the best of mankind and exploring the world. He writes for children everywhere in order to impart a love of learning in his readership that will encourage them to ask questions and learn about the world and what they can do to improve on it as well as living out their own dreams.

The birth of his two daughters inspired him to make up creative and entertaining stories for bedtime, and when he jotted these on-the-spot tales down, he discovered they offered a message of hope or morality, woven so deftly into the fabric of the story that readers would be surprised to learn that they have been educated while thoroughly enjoying the tales!