Samir Tahir who is mainly known as FxLifestyle, Grew up in a poor part of London which gave him the motivation to become successful.

Growing up in London made his mindset change as he started searching for an ample number of opportunities and gives an opinion that London can be fruitful for those who are willing to put real effort and want to have a high-quality lifestyle in their early years of life.

FxLifestyle decided to start learning how to trade at the age of 15 years old during his school lessons. He decided to drop out of college a year later because he didn’t want to work a 9-5 for the rest of his life, he had bigger plans and believed in himself.

FxLifestyle states that “anyone who believes in themselves can become successful, anyone who has the right mindset will be successful and thats a fact”

Furthermore, his passion for Forex escalated as he began learning more stuff related to Forex and after 3 months of continuous practicing, he grew his account by 300% which was a life-changing moment for him as this gave him more confidence to trade full time.

After people saw his transition, He began getting messages on social media about his successful life.  Moreover, he started sharing his knowledge thus assisting others and that was the time when the brand FXLIFESTYLE Tm was created!

FXLifestyle Tm is a Forex Signal company where he let other people copy all the exact trades that he took daily. He was helping others gain the same amount of profit that he was getting and now FXLifestyle has over 55,000 active members at the current moment and is now one of the world’s biggest Forex signal companies in the world.

Also, he began sharing his luxury life on YouTube which gained over 52,000+ subscribers and gained an entire following of over 500,000+ on all social media platforms in total. He became one of the most well known current Forex traders for his flashy lifestyle and for the fact that he came from absolutely nothing.

Living in the present, future goals should be designed and accomplished with the right mindset and proper direction. He wants to aid others who had undergone poverty and will be grateful to make millionaires with the help of Forex. He also wants to invest heavily in the property market as he believes that it’s a safe option for the future.

Moreover, he will always be looking for new opportunities to grow and learn new skills. Last but not the least, he wants to grow the FXLIFESTYLE Tm brand and educate millions of people around the world to achieve success in the Forex markets just like he did. 

After achieving massive success, he states that poverty can be a struggle but anyone can turn their life around and achieve their goals, as he once had nothing and felt hopeless, so he will always be grateful for what he has now. Before FXLIFESTYLE Tm ever existed, he was at the lowest point of his life not knowing where he would be in the next 5-10 years.


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